This yoga style can burn some serious fat!

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Image credit: Bianca Cheah

‘Vinyasa’ (pronounced: Vin-Yasa) is my favourite style of yoga, it’s also what we teach at Flow Athletic. It basically means ‘breath-synchronised movement’. Make that your response next time someone asks what you practice and you’ve nailed it! Often referred to just as ‘flow’ the practice is fluid, meditative and, depending, on the level of class, can be quite dynamic and challenging.


Essentially Flow came from Ashtanga but are flowing variations of the Ashtanga series. Some studios call it flow yoga, flow-style yoga, dynamic yoga or vinyasa flow.


  • Mentally: once you are familiar with the shapes and movement patterns, think of this as a moving meditation or dance.
  • Physically: tones, strengthens and relaxes. Most dynamic vinyasa flow classes will work up a sweat.

What to expect

You can generally expect to move quite a bit in these classes. You’ll start slowly with simple stretches and breath work and then move into more dynamic sun salutes to warm the body, followed by various standing postures, back bends and seated postures.

Quite often the class will have a purpose or intention, like hip opening, back bends or hamstrings.


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