Three daily yoga moves I swear by

This is one simple yoga sequence that I love to do. Every. Single. Day! It consists of downward dog, tiger curl and a three-legged dog. Not only is this pose great for the skin says Kate Kendall from Flow Athletic, but this yoga sequence I’m performing is also a winner for toning your shoulders, core and glutes. Do this sequence everyday and say hello to well-defined muscles! But, before you head to your mat, be sure to take note of a couple of important tips below. And make sure you remember to repeat these poses on each side!

Tip 1: When you’re in a three-legged dog, keep you hips square to the ground and flex the foot that is in the air. Remember to breathe.

Tip 2: Get onto your tippy toes and try to bring your knee to touch your chin when doing the tiger curl.

Photography by Chantel Cheah from creative and styling by me!
I’m wearing Hipwidth white Callie Capri Tights, Mally Tank Top and using the Ella Bache Yoga Mat.

Bianca Cheah, IMG, Sports luxe bloggerBianca Cheah, IMG, Sports luxe blogger, three legged dog Bianca Cheah, IMG, Sports luxe blogger, tiger curlBianca Cheah, IMG, Sports luxe blogger, down dog