Three of the best foods for glowing skin

Want to glow from the inside out? Add these foods to your plate for complexion perfection!


Blotchy and pigmented skin has a bad habit of catching the light and making you appear older than your years. If you were to scour the ingredients lists of everyday skin creams to help pigmentation you’ll notice that many of them contain Vitamin A. Our bodies convert beta-carotene into this skin-brightening vitamin which helps prevent cell damage and premature aging. For a gentler pigmentation prevention method, load up on orange vegies, such carrots. For a sweet sugar-free treat, try this scrummy carrot cake.


Sky high in omega-3s, anchovies help keep your skin plump and smooth. These little fish add flavour and goodness to almost everything. I use mine to flavour-up bolognaise and tomato sauces and also popped on top of cauliflower pizza. Or place a couple of anchovies under the skin of a chicken before roasting to give it a huge flavour boost.


Eating, blending, and juicing your greens is a top notch way to fill your body with the enzymes, vitamins, minerals and phytontrients required for glowing, awesome skin. Vegetables like my favourite spinach, receive their vibrant green colour from chlorophyll; a nutrient rich pigment that is highly detoxifying. Chlorophyll cleans the body of harmful toxins that would otherwise cause hormone imbalances and skin problems. It also oxygenates the blood, alkalises the body and improves circulation to increase nutrient supply to the skin cells. I love to make my own spinach bread using only a handful of ingredients. Watch the video here.

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