Tips to get you early morning exercising by a top motivation blogger

Fitness advice, fitness motivation, Caroline Groth

Inspirational Denmark-born, Bondi-based blogger Caroline Groth knows a thing or two about wellbeing. The yoga aficionado, documented cancer survivor and award-winning digital expert is passionate about food, exercise and takes a pretty mean #fitspo selfie too! (Check out her Instagram.) But she’s also a realist and struggles as much as the rest of us do to drag herself out of bed to exercise when it’s cold, dark and uninviting outside. Here’s how she motivates herself to get up and get going on dreary mornings…


“For this story – the first I’ve written for for Sporteluxe – I’d love to share with you all of my little tips and tricks for dragging yourself out of bed and getting moving on cold mornings when let’s face it, all we all really want to do is snuggle up under the warm doona and stay in all day. (Which, honestly, is not how you get to experience life to the fullest!) Hope you find my my little pointers helpful!

1. Prepare yourself mentally before going to bed at night

If I make a conscious decision, in my mind, that I will train in the morning and get up at 5.30am before work to do so. I will do it. It’s only when you allow your mind to doubt whether you can get up or not and make up excuses as to why you shouldn’t exercise and sleep in instead, that you will mostly likely ‘fail’ as you’ve already convinced your mind you cannot do what you really want to do.

Fitness advice, fitness motivation, Caroline Groth2. Hit the sheets at a reasonable time

You may be surprised as to how much effort you have to put into something you won’t be living out until the next day, however I find that if I don’t get a good night’s sleep, I don’t get to my 6am yoga class or hit the weights at the gym. See what works for you, but a ‘normal’ average would be around 6-8 hours of sleep a night. For an extra peaceful night’s sleep, try to rub your wrists and points behind your ears with a bit of lavender oil. It will calm you down.

3. Remind yourself how good you feel after moving your body

Be honest, have you ever said to yourself, “wow I really regret getting up early and spending an hour feeling strong and moving my body”?. Yeah, I thought so. Remember that feeling. Remember all the happy endorphins that are swirling around in your body, creating serotonin (the happy ‘drug’) that will go straight to your brain and keep you on a high for hours after your training. Then tell me you don’t want to feel like you can conquer the world every morning?

4. Commit, not only to yourself, but your friends too

If you still have a hard time getting that tush out of the warm sheets in the morning, try to sign up for classes with friends or even just agree on a walk and talk date with one of your besties. When you commit to other people and promise them not only your time, but also expect time in return, you tend to be a bit more motivated, because who really wants to be ‘that’ friend who always cancels?

Fitness advice, fitness motivation, Caroline Groth5. Promise yourself a great treat when you have accomplished what you set your mind to

I always like to cook up a really nice breakfast after I’ve moved my body in the morning. It’s my little ‘carrot’ for doing what I told myself to do. It can be a treat in terms of food or a massage, a nice new piece of clothes (maybe not every day). Just set yourself little goals and then reward yourself. We all need affirmation and positive reinforcements in our lives if we want habits to stick. Remember to be kind to yourself.

6. Surround yourself with incredible, loving, inspiring and positive people in your life & find joy in the small things

As much as ‘I make myself’, so do my friends and family. As I don’t have family in Australia, my friends are my chosen family. I surround myself with amazing human beings every single day of my life. They bring me happiness and joy on a level I wouldn’t be able to describe with words. They make me feel gratefulness deep in my heart and soul and loved beyond anything. Knowing that I get to wake up to my friends and partner every single day is enough for me to get out of bed every morning. What a lot of us don’t realise is that it’s these small things that make up the ‘big thing’ everyone is always waiting for. Look around you. Find happiness in what’s right in front of you. Good luck!