Tired, fatigued? Find out what might be causing it

Do you find yourself running low on energy and hitting the snooze button repeatedly? If your answer is yes, then maybe it’s time to make a few lifestyle tweaks so you can be the type of person who bounces out of bed ready to start the day.

At Sporteluxe HQ, we understand that between work, family, friends and “me-time”, women are busier than ever and that it is not uncommon to feel tired (even when we’ve eight hours of shut eye). However, keeping our health in mind should be a priority.

So we’re sharing our top tips for fuelling your fire so you can power through the day at full throttle.

  1. Sweat it out

There’s nothing better than exercising first thing in the morning, at SPORTELUXE we live by it! Try going for different scenery and alternating your workouts to keep up your motivation levels. Our favorite is a simple yoga sequence on the beach to kick start the day.

Yoga Beach

  1. Meditate

Start your day on a calming note and set aside some time to meditate. While it may not be an easy feat, meditating will help to relieve stress, tension and fatigue. Even if you’re one of those who can’t switch off altogether, try at least to minimise the noise and allow yourself to focus on getting the most out of the day ahead.

Meditating book, anti stress

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  1. Plan your day

Spend some time planning your day and writing a to-do list. We guarantee it will help you focus and prioritise tasks so you can be as productive as possible. There’s nothing better than seeing that big ‘tick’ of a job done.

An organized life

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  1. Eat iron-rich foods

If you’re struggling to perk up and tackle the day, then maybe it’s time to incorporate some more iron-rich foods into your diet.


For the meat-eaters among us, animal protein is the best source of iron, but remember it’s all about moderation. The Australian Dietary Guidelines recommends 3 to 4 portions of red meat a week as part of a balanced diet. Beef, in particular, is the perfect fuel for your body because not only is it super tasty and versatile, but it is also rich in iron, protein for strength and zinc for brainpower.

For our vegetarian friends, eating lots of leafy green veggies, dried fruits, and beans will help boost your energy levels.


So these are just some of the things we do to get the most out of our day. Now it’s your turn to share with us, how you fuel your fire and you can win!

5 lucky readers have the chance to win some awesome prize packs, including;

  • 3 x fitness first personal trainer sessions + a 10x session pass to Fitness First
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To enter

Nothing fuels your fire like the Iron in Beef. For the chance to win a weekend away at Gwinganna, Fitness First PT sessions & more, show us a moment when you have been ‘on fire’ by posting a photo on Instagram with the hashtag #fuelyourfire & also tagging @beefandlambteam For T&Cs visit beefandlamb.com.au/beefironcompetition

“Nothing fuels your fire like the Iron in Beef.”


*Entries close at 11:59pm AEDT Sunday 29th November 2015.