TOM Organic founder Aimee Marks talks pregnancy and health

To describe Aimee Marks as an inspirational woman in the wellness world would be something of an understatement. As the founder of TOM Organic Aimee identified a need for organic feminine hygiene products in Australia and set out to fill it. Fast forward a few years and TOM Organic tampons, pads and liners are on supermarket shelves around the country and Aimee has almost single-handedly educated thousands of Aussie women about the benefits of going organic at that time of the month. Now the TOM Organic brand has branched out into the world of pregnancy, with maternity and nursing pads for new mums. Perfect timing really considering Aimee is pregnant with twins herself!  We caught up with Aimee talk all things pregnancy and wellness related.

What changes have you made to your health and fitness routine since you’ve been pregnant?

I’ve always been really fit and active, but since I’ve been pregnant I’ve been doing less high-intensity activities. I’ve implemented more yoga and walking instead.


Mentally, I think it’s also been important for me to create space to connect with the process of pregnancy itself. My business requires my mind holistically. So balancing that out with mind-body activities is very important to me.

I’ve also made sure I have been on top of my nutrition and supplements. Everything I consumed previously is certified organic, so not a lot had to change on that front. The biggest thing for me is simple wholefoods, the less processed the better. With expecting twins folic acid is extremely important for me so I have been taking Metagenics vitamins. I also went through a stage where I wasn’t able to keep much down so smoothies have been my saviour.

What are some of your morning rituals?

I really love going out for breakfast, bringing my notebook and preparing for my day before I hit the office. It’s so easy to get caught up at work, so I take the time to do that with my partner in the mornings. The Petty Officer in Albert Park and Deadman Espresso in South Melbourne are our locals.

Given your brand is so health-focused I’d imagine your office would be quite wellness-focused? How do you create a healthy environment for your staff?

Well, we are very tea obsessed in the TOM Organic office! The Seventh Duchess has a lovely organic pregnancy tea. We always blend our tea in a big beautiful glass teapot so we can see all the beautiful colours of the tea, which I really love. It makes a simple ritual really special. We also have big jars of dried fruit and fresh nuts from The Staple Store for everyone to snack on.

Tom OrganicWhat prompted you to expand TOM Organic from tampons, pads and panty liners into the maternity space? Was it just because you yourself were pregnant that the need for organic maternity pads and nursing pads occurred to you?

We actually started developing these products over a year ago. It came more from our community than anything else. That for me is our purpose at TOM Organic,  to create more functional, beautiful necessary products for women. It’s about not putting products into the world that are not required. We have a really engaged social community, probably the most in our industry, because there is a human story behind our brand. We had women telling us how they love our products and how there are lots of organic products available for babies, but not many for mothers. So that’s where we realised the gap in the market.

TOM OrganicIt was about creating an organic solution for new mothers that was easy and accessible to the mass market. For me, it’s another piece in the TOM Organic lifestyle, which touches a woman at different points in her life. So from her pregnancy and back into using pads and tampons once she has received her cycle back.

What does being healthy mean to you?

It’s not weighted in one part of my life or another. Being healthy in my definition is taking a balanced approach. It’s not about sticking to one type of exercise. I listen to my body and what it needs. Pregnancy especially is a time to be intuitive and really aware of what’s going on.

I might need to go get some acupuncture or spend more time outside and walking in nature. Also, we feel so much better when we know we have nourished our body with lots of fresh foods. You can tell the difference at the end of the day. Mental health and who you surround yourself with is also very important.

How do you create a healthy atmosphere at home?

I always make sure we have beautiful fresh flowers at home. I particularly love orchids due to their longevity. There are also lots of different soy-based candles. I like to change them up depending on the seasons and weather. The one I have in front of me here is by a brand called Grace and James.

Do you have a favourite quote or a motto that resonates with you?

Positive affirmations are really important to me, both for the TOM Organic office and  for myself personally.  One that is really simple but very true is:

“Live a life you would like to read about.”

Name three things you can’t live without.

Family is absolutely number one. And of course health. We have a manifesto within the TOM Organic office which is that without family and health you have nothing. Also, I believe it’s so important to surround yourself with positive people and, lastly, just to have fun.

TOM Organic products are available at and sold in both Coles and Woolworths. Purchase any product from TOM Organic online before 31 August 2014 to receive a complementary pack of TOM Organic Liners. Just enter the promo code Sporteluxe upon checkout.