Tone your tummy with this 4-minute core workout

The great news is you don’t need to spend hours slaving away for washboard abs. This simple, 4-minute workout every other day will do the trick. It’s one of my favourite sequences to do when I don’t have a lot of time, but still want to work and tone my whole abdominal area. Hope you love it too!

Emma’s top tummy toning tip:

There are so many reasons to aspire to awesome abdominals, even outside swimsuit season. For one, strengthening your core is amazing for your posture and back on a practical level. Toning your tummy works wonders for confidence too. (Even if, like me, you’ve had two babies and that area deserves a little extra attention!)

Barre Body - Emma's go-to core workout
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Emma Seibold
One of Australia's most respected (and popular) high profile instructors and wellness coaches, Emma is a pioneer of new ways to sculpt and care for our bodies. As well as being the founder of popular pilates-meets-yoga-meets-ballet workout Barre Body, she's also a yoga instructor, Pilates instructor and holistic health and wellness coach, and has trained at schools in New York, India, Sydney, Melbourne and Byron Bay. She also founded cult juice detox program, Urban Remedy Cleanse. With an enormous passion for all things relating to health, Sydney-based Emma, a mum of two beautiful young children, tries to live what she teaches: a balanced life filled with exercise and love.