Too Busy? We Found The Best DVD For Your Home Workout!

Exercising is the key to a healthy lifestyle, and 30 mins per day is the minimum recommendation. But sometimes our busy work schedule’s don’t allow us the time to do a class let alone go out for a run. That’s where a home DVD can be the solution. All you need is a chair or sturdy support, some light weights, a Yoga/ Pilates mat and you’re good to go!

A great DVD that we found that you can do in the comfort of your own home is the new Barre Body ‘Tone & Shape‘. Filled with 6 workouts and running for 75 mins, the Tone & Shape DVD will have you hooked on the benefits of barre-based training. In return you’ll see increased fitness, tone and flexibility and a longer, leaner and meaner physique! Have we got you hooked yet? Well we’re certainly hooked after seeing results of a firmer butt and toned arms. Just in time for summer!