Top Aussie snorkelling spots to check out these holidays!

Moreton Island, Tangalooma wrecks

Hit the beach and catch sight of some colourful underwater scenery with these top spots for snorkelling.


Clovelly Beach


Where: Clovelly Beach

Safe and protected from harsh surf conditions, Clovelly is the perfect snorkelling spot for Sydney families doing a ‘staycation’ over the festive season.

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Julian Rocks Byron Bay

Byron Bay

Where: Julian Rocks Marine Reserve

Crystal clear waters and an array of tropical sea life make Julian Rocks Marine Reserve a top snorkelling spot.

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lord howe island

Lord Howe Island

Where: Lord Howe Island

This pristine World-Heritage location is the most southerly coral reef in the world. We’re talking fantastic marine life and ancient underwater volcanos.

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Moreton Bay

Tangalooma Wrecks

Where: Moreton Island

This reef is a gorgeous location with clear water and golden beaches. And it’s an only an hour outside of Brisbane!

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Heron Island

Heron Island

Where: Great Barrier Reef

Although every part of the magnificent Great Barrier Reef is snorkelling heaven, this island is one of the best. At low tide you can even walk to the island without having to swim.

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Ningaloo Reef

Ningaloo Reef

Where: Ningaloo Reef

With more than 500 species calling this picturesque reef home, it is no surprise Ningaloo Marine Park makes our list.

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Nine Pin Nature reserve

Ninepin Point Marine Nature Reserve

Where: Ninepin Point Marine Nature Reserve

Due to the south marine temperatures, this reef is filled with diverse aquatic life and is unique compared to more northern snorkelling spots. If you’re lucky you can check out sponge gardens and sea dragons and may even see some little penguins.

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