Torah Bright’s beauty secrets

Spending copious amounts of time on the icy cold slopes can take its toll on your skin. We chatted to the Olympic snowboarder, whose fashion collaboration with Roxy, Bright Edition, has just been released, and asked her to share her best beauty secrets and training tips.

Meet Torah Bright

Torah BrightYou’ve got gorgeous skin – how do you keep it looking and feeling great with the amount of time you spend in extreme winter conditions?

Good sunscreen and lots of moisturiser! I also try not to expose my skin to the elements too much. The best tip is to try and keep your hair, nails and skin out of the sun and wind as the elements can be so damaging. I always ensure I’m covered up and have my lip balm on hand.

What’ the best piece of beauty advice anyone ever gave you?

Lots of sleep and water. I always make sure I keep hydrated.

How do you take care of those gorgeous locks of yours? Do you use any treatments?

O+M Hair MaskYes, my sister is a hairdresser who sorts me out! I use O&M (Original Mineral) hair mask to keep my hair strong and healthy. I also like their shampoo and conditioner as well.

If we were to take a peek inside your bathroom cabinet can you tell me what we’d find?

Moisturiser, I have one with essential oils to keep my skin soft and stop it from flaking. Old make-up that I buy and never use, fake eyelashes, perfume and nail polish. I have a total nail polish fetish but rarely wear it!

What’s in your make-up case?

Jane Iredale lip balm, my lips would be a chapped mess without it! I also love their pressed powder, pink blush and natural eyeshadow. And Clinique mascara. I never leave home without wearing mascara!

Torah Bright

Aside from the exercise you do on the slopes what does your training entail?

It varies depending how much time I spend on the mountain. In off-season I’m active outside of the gym. This might mean mountain biking, hiking, surfing, trail running, tennis…anything that’s fun!

What are your fave body weight exercises to help you be in the top shape for snowboarding?

I do a lot of circuit work outside with low weights and lots of repetitions. Single leg squats also help me keep balanced.

What are your top tips for staying fashionable on the slopes?

Wearing Bright Edition gear of course! But most importantly function should come first, fashion second. You’ll look good if you are safe and having fun.