Trend alert: natural collagen beauty products you can drink

This year’s largest skincare trend isn’t about what you put on your skin, in fact, it’s what you’re sipping as part of your beauty regimen. That’s right, numerous companies worldwide are making beauty-boosting supplements loaded with natural marine collagen alongside superfood ingredients and antioxidants to help prevent the signs of ageing as well as promote a healthy glow.

But how do they work exactly? Our bodies produce collagen naturally, however, production slows as we get older. This, combined with sun damage, environmental toxins and poor diets often result in lacklustre strands, fine lines, dull complexions and brittle nails. Well until now that is. Enter: natural marine collagen products. By supplementing our bodies natural collagen, these unique beauty elixirs address the signs of ageing from within. Available in a powder form that you simply stir into water, a smoothie or your favourite juice, these natural products make it even easier to take care of both your skin and nutritional needs without harsh chemicals and invasive injections.

While we can’t guarantee miracles, why not try it for yourself?

Shop 3 natural marine collagen beauty products

Marine Collagen, Vida Glow, young skin

Vida Glow Original

Made using Red Snapper Scale from sustainable sources in the Western Central Pacific Ocean waters of Australasia, Vida Glow’s original formula promotes healthy hair, skin and nails from the inside out. With no artificial flavours, colours, additives or preservatives, it is a great alternative to topical anti-ageing lotions.

Marine Collagen, Pro Plenish


ProPlenish restores your body with the nutrients it needs for a radiant complexion, healthy hair, strong nails and even improved muscle tone by using 100% pure marine collagen. We especially love that this formula is tasteless, so you can sprinkle it into your water, tea, coffee o smoothie.

GreenPress. Marine Collagen

Green Press Forever Young

Pairing marine collagen with the highest sources of Vitamin C in the world, Camucamu, Kakadu Plum and Lucuma, this innovative powder ensures maximum impact and amazing results. Add Forever Young to your daily diet to help support healthy skin, metabolic functions and detoxification.

“Collagen is the magic ingredient for skin firmness and elasticity. If you want to stop the clock on skin ageing, then consuming this potent protein-along with plenty of anti-oxidant Vitamin C is key,” explains Reece Carter – BHSc ANTA Naturopath for Green Press