TRX training: why supermodels and super athletes swear by it

So you want the long lean limbs of Victoria’s Secret model Izabel Goulart, a booty like Jennifer Lopez and the speed and agility of tennis mega-babe Maria Sharapova? Then it’s time to say hello to TRX training. (And yes, all of these fit stars do it.)
No doubt by now you’ve seen the iconic yellow and black TRX ‘straps’ (TRX Suspension Trainer) hanging at your local gym and thought “what the hell do I do with that?” … all the while unaware of the super-bod that awaits you. 


So what is TRX Training and how do you tap into its super powers? 

TRX is movement-based training which uses gravity and bodyweight to target the entire body, offering hundreds of exercises so you never get bored. Train like a dancer one day, pointing your toes and using the TRX to work on your handstand, inner thighs and lower abs keeping it slow and controlled. Or you could pick up the pace and sweat it out using your complete bodyweight and faster reps to work the Beyonce within. 
TRX, Iza Goulart

You don’t have to be a super athlete to use it though. TRX suits any and all fitness levels, as each exercise allows you to progress or regress depending on your ability and the results you want.

Despite its glamour super-star following, don’t be fooled into thinking TRX Training is just for girls. In fact, it was actually developed by former Navy Seal, Randy Hetrick and is used by professional athletes including UFC fighters, surfers, triathletes and international soccer clubs as part of their daily regimes.
We have seen many a strong man crumble whilst attempting what TRX chicks would regard as ‘the basics’. This is the secret of TRX; it works the entire body challenging the core, mobility, strength and balance simultaneously, so it exposes any weakness or dysfunction pretty quickly, which in turn is why it is so effective.
Perhaps once you get a few classes under your clean abs, tight glutes and shiny thighs you should be consider TRX Training as an ideal first date option to sort the men from the boys? Or maybe we should all just keep this little secret to ourselves and let everyone wonder why the Summer of 2015 suddenly got so damn hot?
Go on, give those straps in your gym a go. Ask a trainer how to use them. They’ll make it worth your while (the straps, that is!).
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Marin and Madeline Lazic
Marin Lazic is dedicated to instructing others in functional movement. He is the owner of TRX Training Sydney, the first authentic (licensed) TRX Training studio outside of America, the only TRX Master Instructor in New South Wales and one of just three in Australia. The popular lululemon Athletica Ambassador and Institute of Motion Graduate is also certified Trigger Point Performance Master Trainer, ViPR Pro Trainer and SandBell instructor. A former sportsman, Marin was a member of the New Zealand Men’s Water Polo Team, which twice won the Junior World Championships while he was a team member, and competed in the Australian National League for Water Polo for the Balmain Tigers. His co-contributor, fitness partner and wife, Madeline is also a member of the TRX family, proud #TRXchick and healthy lifestyle expert. The first time mum-to-be also a proponent for fusing fitness and fashion – she currently works for the International Fashion Group in sales, marketing and business development, regularly travelling internationally to source commercially viable products for the Australasian boutique and department store markets.