Try Gwinganna’s vegan baked beetroot, apple and spinach salad

We’re always on the hunt for new and exciting salad combinations here at Sporteluxe HQ. So we convinced the chefs at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat to share the recipe for one of their signature salads. Packed with antioxidants, it’s based around liver-boosting beetroot and tastes even better than it looks!

Baked beetroot, apple and spinach salad with cashew dressing

Serves 6


2-3 (800g) beetroots, trimmed

2 (300g) green apples, sliced

100g English spinach

1 medium red onion, cut into slivers

1 tbsp caraway seeds, roasted & crushed

½ cup (100g) cashew nuts

3 sprigs basil

Sea salt & pepper

Juice of 1 lemon


  1. Boil beetroot with skin in salted water until tender. Allow to cool, peel and cut into wedges.
  2. Rinse cashews and boil with 1 litre water until soft. Reducing liquid by half, blend to milky consistency with basil leaves and caraway seeds. Set aside.
  3. Mix all ingredients together, season and sprinkle with extra basil and caraway seeds.

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