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Freestyle training

You’re packing your gym bag for the day. Your favourite gym gear, shoes and towel are ready and raring to go for your next big calorie-burning session. But one question remains: what do you do? You’ve been reaping the rewards from spin classes, body-pumped your heart out and thrown more punches than you care to remember. Maybe it’s time to add a little new class spice up your gym repertoire?!

The new Freestyle Training classes – to help you build strengh, speed, endurance and flexibility – are rolling out now in gyms across Australia. Better still, Fitness First is giving away free seven-day passes as part of Australian Fitness Week, May 11-17. Just visit the website to download.

Here’s a lowdown of the five new classes on offer:

1. Freestyle Group Training

Fitness First group training

These sessions have been designed around your body’s natural movement and have been proven to be three times more effective than training with fixed machines. Think HIIT and TRX suspension training with a small group of fitness fanatics, led by a qualified instructor.

2. Gymnastic Strength Training

Fitness First group training

Taking you straight back to your school days, your strength, mobility and control will be put to the ultimate test a customised gym ‘playground’. Gymnastic strength training uses multipe gymnastic structures such as rings, climbing ropes and high-and-low bars for you to channel your inner Olympian and add some hang time into your day.

These classes are available at the Park Street and The Zone clubs in Sydney’s CBD, as well as in Cronulla and Randwick, with plans for them to roll into other gyms in the near future.

3. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Fitness First group training

These MMA-inspired training programs are a great way to wind down after a stressful day. A fusion of combat techniques, including boxing, striking and functional ground-based escapes, your fitness, coordination, strength and speed will be put to the test in one of the most therapeutic classes ever created.

MMA classes are currently available in Sydney at Fitness First Dee Why, North Sydney (Walker Street), Bond Street, The Zone and at Melbourne’s Flinders Street Fitness First.

4. Barre Attack

Fitness First group training

Incorporating a ballet barre, TheraBands and balls, Barre Attack will provide a full-body workout with special attention to the legs, butt, thighs and arms. The movements have been designed to use our natural bodyweight to improve postural alignment as well as develop strength, balance and flexibility from head to toe.

These classes are currently available at Mosman and Willoughby in Sydney, and Victoria Gardens in Melbourne.

5. Reconditioning

Fitness First group training

All of this training can put a lot of strain on your body, which is why a reconditioning program has been designed to help return your body to its optimal condition and bring some much-needed balance

Reconditioning classes are currently only available at Sydney’s The Zone but will be popping up across the country soon.

Check you local Fitness First timetable here to try it out for yourself.



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