Try this post Easter detox with your 4-legged friend!

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Easter over indulgence can be the perfect reason to think about doing a post holiday detox and this means kicking the exercise up a notch. For dog owners, however, this can be a little difficult as with limited time on our hands it can be tricky working in the dog walk and the high intensity exercise needed to really burn those kilojoules.

Pet health, workout with your pet, exercise with your dogMy solution….combine the two with a dog friendly personal trainer!

Meet the super motivating, butt kicking and dog loving Angela Mitchell. This beauty has fused a business background with yoga and fitness, firmly believing in the power of play and living a life in balance. A Master Trainer, Yoga teacher and certified accountant, Angela’s goal is simple – to help people achieve their goals with a lighthearted approach, a smile, and an invitation to explore freedom in movement.

Angela’s clients range in age, body type, fitness level and exercise experience and while she doesn’t claim to be a master dog trainer….four legged companions are more than welcome to attend outdoor personal training sessions. Two birds with one stone…. Yes Please!

Your dog can be one of the best fitness companions you could ever ask for – your alarm clock, your motivation, your cheerleader and your drill sergeant! So here’s a simple yet effective workout that you can do with your dog!


Walk or jog to the park with your pal. keep this at a moderate pace, just to warm up your body (aiming for at least 3-5mins)

You should still be able to maintain conversation.

Once you arrive at the park, mobilize your body with leg swings, arm circles, torso twists and full body roll-up/roll-downs.


Set up an agility circuit (many parks today have outdoor gyms, or you can use any landmarks in and around the park to create one).

If you can’t get your hands on cones, use drink bottles or the lead as markers and set them apart 10-15 metres, with 3-4 out in a vertical line. Your dog will no doubt chase your heels the whole way – so keep in front!

Step 1:
Jog to Marker 1 >> High Knees to Marker 2 >> Bum Taps (Heel to Butt) to Marker 3 >> Sprint to Marker 4 >> Jog back to beginning. Repeat all x 3

Step 2:
Jog to Marker 1: 5 squats (or static hold to pat your friend, keeping chest up, shoulders back & down & core engaged).
 Jog to Marker 2: 5 push ups (enjoy a kiss on the nose)
. Jog to Marker 3: 5 burpees (carefull to not land one on your friends head as you jump your legs out & in). Jog to Marker 4: 5 sit-ups (welcome to use your pup here as a weight)
. Sprint back to Marker 1 
Repeat all, each round – increase the number of reps of each exercise by 5 i.e. 5 >> 10 >> 15 >> 20

Step 3:
Reverse Lunges with your dog at your heel
. Stand with your dog at your heels, step one leg back and lower your knee to hover just off the ground, maintain this upright position until you get a paw from your dog, take the shake, then stand up and change legs. 
Aim for 10 on each leg x 3 rounds.
Weighted push ups: this is optional, but give your furry friend a piggy back and do some push ups whilst your at it! Keep your core engaged and take your knees to the ground if you need to modify. 
Work towards 10 reps x 3 rounds.

Step 4:
Tricep dips: place your hands behind you on a park bench, fingers pointing in toward your body, elbows firing back behind you. Your legs here should be at a 90 degree angle to the ground (no doubt you’ll have a weighted assistant on your lap soon enough). As you lower your hips toward the ground, allow your back to trace vertically up & down the height of the bench, using your exhalation breath and arm strength to extend your arms back up to straight. 
Repeat this 8-10 times and go for three rounds.

Step 5:
It’s probably about the time you’re ready to find the shade of a tree, so take your companion out of the sun and finish your workout with some core work. Dogs seem to love anyone holding a plank, so take your mind off the minute-long hold and talk to your friend. You’re aiming here to have a straight line in your body from your heels to head, so be sure to notice if your hips are sagging or if you have enough room under the ‘bridge’ of your hips for your dog to walk in & under…find your broomstick shape and hold it! (Not your breath) 
Again, aim for 3 of your best, timing each one and looking for your longest hold (being honest with your form).


‘Doga’ – don’t forget to stretch it out doing some yoga with your dog!

Make sure you stretch your calves, hamstrings, quadriceps and chest.

Don’t forget to hydrate post-workout for yourself and your buddy! And smile throughout – it makes it easier 🙂

Angela Mitchell
Personal Trainer // Yoga Instructor
Mobile:  0411 561 574
Instagram: @play2inspire @yb_ange

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