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I Tested $200 Worth Of Foundations—These Are My Three Favorites…

They're not your usual go-to's either

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Isabella Boylston, Principal Dancer

The stunningly chic principal dancer at American Ballet Theatre breaks new ground as she hones her craft and aspires to spread her love of dance. Most recently, she announced the creation of her own new dance festival to be held in her hometown of Sun Valley.

Jami Ordiz, stylist

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Co-founder of the sustainable styling company KAEMI, Ordiz is making a name for herself creating looks for the coolest kids in LA while closing the loop on fast fashion. Saving the world and looking good while doing it? Ordiz makes it look easy.


Martha Kirby, founder of Lead Like Her

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Martha Kirby has the golden touch. Her year-old company and blog, lead like her, highlights powerful and creative women in their element. As a result, her work is captivatingly beautiful, and always inspires a new girl crush. We especially love the way she celebrates female empowerment in a kind, inclusionary way.

Camille Styles, blogger

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Austin-based blogger Camille Styles must have ESP—the woman behind the eponymous and stylish blog seems to always know exactly what we want to read about, where it be modern day love stories or how to throw an outdoor soiree. We’re calling it—she’ll be our generation’s Martha Stewart.

Whitney Wolfe, founder and CEO of Bumble

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Gotta love Whitney Wolfe’s backstory—after being unhappy at Tinder due to the company’s misogynist methods, Wolfe started her own female-minded dating app. Bumble is now the go-to download for guys and girls looking for a relationship.

Emma Cline, author


Author of the wildly successful and much-acclaimed novel, “The Girls,” Emma Cline shot to literary stardom in 2016. At just 27, she’s destined to write your next favorite book.

Katie Nolan, sports commentator

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Even if you don’t know her, Katie Nolan is probably a familiar name to the sports fan in your life.  As the host of Garbage Time, a sports and pop culture comedy show on FS, Nolan confidently laughs her way through sports commentary, making an impressive mark in a male-dominated field.

Nikki Bostwick, founder and Editor-In-Chief of The Fullest

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We’re big fans of The Fullest (formerly Poppy + Seed) for its artful, intellectual take on being a woman. EIC Bostwick kills it by scooping up and featuring stories from the most influential, groundbreaking women in the United States.

Amanda Kloots, creator of The Rope

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Six months ago, we predicted that Amanda Kloots would be the biggest thing to hit fitness in 2017. Fast forward to the new year, and she’s proving us right—Kloots is taking over the boutique fitness scene with her classes “The Rope” and “The Dance.” And of course, she’s bi-coastal, so everyone can get in on the fun. Snag a spot in her classes before they get booked out!

Sophie Gray, Instagrammer taking on self-love

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This past year has brought huge changes and challenges into the life of Instagram star Sophie Gray. Gray originally branded herself on the platform as a fitness guru, complete with workout guides, vibrant meal plans, and a plethora of well-toned ab selfies. But after experiencing severe anxiety and panic attacks, Gray decided to ditch the fitness persona and embrace self-love. Now, she uses her platform to encourage her 300,000 followers to do the same.

Krissy Jones, co-founder of Sky Ting Yoga

A Nike Master Trainer, co-founder of Sky Ting Yoga, and all-around babe, Krissy Jones seems to have the whole balance thing down pat. Not only does the woman have a thriving business, she’s also a model for mindfulness. We can’t wait to see what Jones does next.

Maggie Rogers, musician

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Stop whatever you’re doing and download Rogers newest album, Now That The Light Is Fading. Haunting, compelling, and ethereal, Rogers’ voice and songwriting skills have captured the ears of many music lovers—including producer Pharrell.

Lauren Singer, environmentalist

On her blog Trash Is For Tossers, Singer documents her journey of living a zero waste life in NYC as a 25-year-old woman. An advocate for the environment and sustainability, Singer is trailblazing the path for thousands to embrace a low-waste lifestyle.

Meryl Pritchard, founder of Kore Kitchen

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Have a brilliant idea for a new business venture, but don’t think you’re ready? Before Pritchard started her meal delivery service, Kore Kitchen, she didn’t even know how to cook a chicken breast. Now, she runs one of the most in-demand food delivery companies in Los Angeles. Read more about Pritchard and her inspiring story here.

Natalie Kuhn,

Natalie Kuhn, Senior Instructor at The Class by Taryn Toomey

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The Class has a cult-like following in New York, but when the burpee-meets-breath of fire  class landed in Venice last year, it took Angelenos a little time to warm up to the workout. Natalie Kuhn, the tiny powerhouse behind the soulful workout, is much of the reason The Class has become so successful in LA; if you need some inspiration, hop into her class and prepare for your world to be rocked.

Caley Joyner, yogi

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We’re such big fans of Caley Joyner, the most-lovable yogi in Los Angeles. Check out her inspiring story of how she went from banker to yoga star here.

Lindsay Aschtiani, Kim Lambert, Lauren Carletta, co-founders of SHE

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These three sisters were tired of always running out of tampons, so they created SHE, the organic tampon delivery service that’s revolutionized periods.


Latest Posts

12 Simple Fitness and Beauty Tweaks Romee Strijd Swears By

Well, if it's good enough for a Victoria's Secret angel...

6 Exercises Kayla Itsines Swears By For a Toned, Sexy Back

Don't worry, pull ups aren't one of them!

This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Having Sex

Can we really lose it if we don't use it?

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