4 Fearless Female Founders On How To Successfully Start Your Own Thing

Advice from people who've been there.

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No doubt, we’re big fans of female entrepreneurs chasing their dreams.


But as Bianca so honestly pointed out this month in her article, it’s sooooo not easy. There’s a lot more to starting and running a successful company than just using the hashtag #girlboss on Instagram.

Just because it’s tough, though, doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. It seems that every single female founder we talk to always says the same thing: Starting your own business is challenging, but it’s so worth it. Along the way, you’ll learn so much—about yourself, business, and how to work with other people. If you’re thinking about starting your own thing (you go, girl!), it can be intimidating and be isolating at first. Just know that you’re not alone; anyone who ever had an idea to start something big has probably had the same doubts, fears, and questions, too. We tapped three of our favorite inspiring female founders who’ve been in your shoes for their best pieces of advice to new business owners—here’s what they said.

Believe in your idea wholeheartedly

“Nobody believed that people were going to come. And everybody thought I was crazy. I said, This will be bigger than yoga, and there will be one on every corner.

So I put my fear in a box, and I put it under the bed. I was too busy to be afraid. When you have an idea and you see the vision—nobody else saw it!—you can’t do anything else. It preoccupies your brain.

So I came here, I built this [Unplug’s studio], and for the first six months, I was the only one in the room. Nobody showed up for class. And my husband was like, Do you want to throw in the towel? And I was like, No. I’m telling you—they will come. I always believed. There was never doubt, at all.”

Suze Yalof Schwartz, founder of Unplug Studio

Listen to your intuition

“I feel like this is probably very standard, but obviously, you’re going to have your ruts—it’s going to be up and down. But it’s a matter of following your passions and finding what makes you happy. When you need a break, listen to your intuition and take a break. Don’t force it but stick with it. If that’s  your goal, in the long run, stay with it. It’s easy to give up and feel discouraged or feel like you have everything and everyone against you. But if you really really listen to your intuition and love the thing you’re doing, it’s easy.

I’m a big believer in doing more of what makes you happy. Just keep doing that stuff! Cut out the stuff that you hate—when you do, you create space for good things to happen. It’s so funny when the Universe instantly shows you when that happens. Why are you gonna have baggage, or things or people in your life that drag you down? You need to do what’s best for you—if someone or something is dragging you down, you need to learn when to let people or things go.”


Surround yourself with really good people

“We have great people. That is the key—having good people around you. It’s interesting people literally walk through this door, and we disclaim—you might have a life change! You’ve been called to work here for a reason. Some people last a week, some people last five years and then come back again. So it’s interesting. We’ve had really great people throughout the years. It’s hard to build a team when you go from just heather and I [starting the company], and then you add one person, and now we have a whole team of these wonderful people and you have a whole lot of other things you’re dealing with.”

Energy Muse co-founders Heather Askinosie and Timmi Jandro

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