Anti-Aging Gin Exists And It’s (Literally) Giving Us Life Right Now

Young in spirit.

anti-aging gin

Alcohol and anti-aging aren’t two things you’d normally put together (unless you’re thinking about red wine). I’m sure most of us have woken up after a big night looking and feeling like the crypt-keeper — a gentle reminder from your body that you’re not 21 anymore. But while there’s no ‘alcohol’ in anti-aging, there is a ‘gin’…. Which is why it’s rather fitting that anti-aging gin is now a thing (how’s that for a tongue-twister?)

Introducing, CollaGin


The clever clogs at UK company Young In Spirit have created CollaGin — the world’s first gin distilled with pure collagen. ICYMI, collagen is a substance naturally produced by your body that helps keeps your skin tight and elastic and your hair and nails healthy. However, as we age, our collagen production slows down. Combine this with environmental factors like sun damage and free radicals and it can lead to fine lines, lackluster locks and brittle nails. To help reverse this (and as a less dramatic alternative to actually having it injected into your body), various beauty companies have created drinkable marine collagen supplements. However, CollaGin is the very first company to develop this in booze form.

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The anti-aging beverage was created by Oxford PR duo Camilla Brown and Liz Beswick. Both having a background in hospitality, they wanted to create a drink that merged the worlds of beauty and spirits. The beverage is crafted locally and apart from its added beauty benefits, is a classic gin in every sense of the word.

With an elegant and refined taste, this unique recipe has stayed true to the principles of a classic gin with 11 botanicals including star anise, pink grapefruit and orris, but with the innovative addition of pure collagen.

CollaGin is now available for purchase online, with international shipping (woohoo!) Not sure what to pair it with? You can check out some of our favorite healthy cocktail recipes here and here. Friday night drinks, anyone?

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