Saturday, December 16, 2017


Glowing skin, glossy hair

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10 Cool New Beauty Products To Grab, ASAP

See you later, pay check!
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The Best Primers For Oily Skin

Zero shine, guaranteed.
Skin-Perfecting Tinted Moisturizers

The Best Skin-Perfecting Tinted Moisturizers

Master no-makeup makeup.
Ben & Jerry's, lip balm, all-natural

Ben & Jerry’s Is Launching A Natural Beauty Product

Ice cream-inspired lip balms—we're obsessed.

Mastering Your Skin’s pH Can Heal Acne AND Prevent Aging. Here’s How to Do...

Hint: Your skin care products might actually be the problem.
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How To Make Your Own Natural Makeup Brush Cleaner

You'll only need three ingredients!
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The Internet’s Flipping Out Over This Acne Makeup Tutorial

Watch the clip right here.
100 top mascaras

This Woman Tested and Photographed 100 Different Mascaras to Find the Best

A $10 product is one of our favorites!

Magnetic Eyelash Extensions Are The Answer to All Of Your Lash Problems

We've all seen that girl. You know, the one who got barely too-long eyelash extensions a few weeks ago? And at first, they were just a little over-the-top. But now that it's been a while, they're...