Saturday, December 16, 2017


AWAY Spa, Singapore, W Singapore

Step into the future at AWAY Spa

Relax and recharge
Little Farms, Singapore

You’ll find the finest groceries at Singapore’s Little Farms

Produce comes only from trusted farmers and artisans.
WeBarre, Singapore

Meet WeBarre: Singapore’s first boutique Barre studio

Get ready to lift, tuck, curl and plié.
subscription box, Singapore, Made Real

The subscription box foodies will love

Getting delicious snacks delivered to your door sounds almost too good to be true, right?
Elements & Co. Singapore

Singapore’s Elements & Co. cafe pays tribute to good food and travel

Singapore's newest lifestyle cafe boasts a round-the-world menu that's sure to please your wanderlust as well as your taste buds.

Is this Singapore’s most exclusive fitness club?

Set amongst the Singaporean clouds on the 38th floor, the aptly named Gravity Club is every elite gym aficionado’s dream. Conveniently located in the heart of the city's CBD the fitness and wellbeing sanctuary is quite literally setting the...

We Are Cultured: the probiotic drink wellness devotees love to sip

Kefir (pronounced 'Ke-Fear') — derived from the Turkish word 'keyif' which means to 'feel good' — is an ingredient especially loved by the natural health community. And it's easy to see why - kefir...
Adidas Pure Boost X

Is this Singapore’s most scenic running route?

Picture this. You're running along the skirts of Singapore's iconic Marina Bay, overlooking the vibrant, brightly-lit city. The sun is starting to set, a cool breeze is lapping through your hair and you've hit your...
Instagram husband, travel

5 signs you’re an Instagram husband (travel edition)

Unless you’ve been living off the grid, you’d have heard, seen and laughed at ‘Instagram Husband’, a witty video dedicated to the unsung heroes of social media - the men behind every flawless Instagram picture. In...
seed smart water bottle, water

Track your water intake with this smart water bottle

Water is simply two parts Hydrogen, one part Oxygen. It makes up two-thirds of the human body weight and is essential to our daily wellbeing. But like most people I know, I am often guilty...