Monday, January 22, 2018


Smart bra

Can Wearing A High-Tech ‘Smart Bra’ Make You Healthier?

Keep abreast of any potential health issues.
Kayla itsines, Sjana Elise and Kelsey Wells feature in the Sweat app

Sweat Is The Insane New Fitness App That Is Like A Personal Trainer, Nutritionist...

Kayla Itsines, Sjana Earp & Kelsey Wells have joined forces to release SWEAT.
Google, fitness, workouts

Google Is Making It Easier For You To Get To The Gym

Sometimes dragging your tired, sorry self out of bed, and deciding what to do at the gym can be harder than the workout itself. Thankfully, Google is here to help. Aside from providing answers for every...

6 Running Apps That Actually Make Running Fun

There's an app for everyone—even run haters.

Netflix For Boutique Fitness Workouts Is Finally Here

We're all about hopping on YouTube to follow a quick yoga flow or learn an arm workout, and a few of our favorite studios have embraced online workouts in a big way (Think: Peloton, Ballet...

Adidas’ New Stella McCartney UltraBOOST X Is Revolutionizing Women’s Footwear—But Does It Live Up...

adidas has gone through a major evolution in the past few years. No longer just a "soccer brand" thanks to successful fashion collaborations between Stan Smith and Stella McCartney, the sportswear titan is investing...

I Froze Myself Everyday For a Week To Lose Weight

Does cryotherapy live up to the hype?
social fitness

This Fitness Tech Trend Will Transform the Way You Work Out

Social fitness has never been such a buzzy term. Finding a workout buddy to drag you out of bed in the morning and to the gym, or someone who will hold you accountable if...