Saturday, July 11, 2020

I Tested $200 Worth Of Foundations—These Are My Three Favorites…

They're not your usual go-to's either


Sweatcon, the Boutique Fitness Studio Crawl, is Coming to NYC

Bar crawls are out. Workout crawls are in.

Get Pumped: Orangetheory Fitness Plans to Launch 300+ New Locations This Year

Prepare to reach the orange zone, no matter which city you're in.

You Will No Longer Be Able to Watch the News While at This National Gym Chain

Life Time Fitness has banned news from its TVs

5 Trainers Come Clean On Their Biggest Class Pet Peeves

Here's what your trainer *actually* thinks when you roll in 5 minutes late ...

The Best Workout Moves That Tone and Tighten Your Inner Thighs

Our favorite studio in LA shows us how to work the notoriously difficult spot.

Flywheel Joins The Indoor Cycling Party In Santa Monica—Here’s Why We Think It’ll Outpace Cycle House & SoulCycle

If you're obsessed with results, you need to check out Flywheel's new Santa Monica studio.

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