Monday, January 22, 2018


Everything You Need to Know About Reiki Healing

There are good massages, and there are great massages. You know it when you experience it. The difference between someone passively kneading at the obvious knots in your traps and a real practitioner who's truly reading...
scented alarm clock

You Can Now Wake Up To The Smell Of Croissants, Thanks To A Scented...

Wake up and smell the coffee...or croissants, or chocolate.
wanderlust festival

Meet Jeff Krasno, The Inspiring Man Behind Wanderlust Festival

He may be the world's chillest CEO.

A Personal Trainer Tells Us Why You Should NEVER Cut Carbs Out of Your...

Eliminating carbohydrates from our diet is one of the most common go-tos to drop weight but personal trainer, Lucy Beaumont says it's also one of the biggest fitness mistakes we make. While subscribing to a low...
running therapy

Here’s How ‘Running Therapy’ Can Help You Live Your Best Life

It's a great for your mind and your body!
anti-energy drink

Stressed Out? You Need These Anti-Energy Drinks In Your Life, ASAP

They're the newest wellness trend.

A 3-Day Cleanse That’ll Get You Back On Track Just In Time For Summer

Celebrity nutritionist Jessica Sepel shares her 3-day cleanse with us.
count chemicals

Why You Should Count Chemicals, Not Calories

You might want to pay a little more attention to your food labels.