The Secret Conference In Las Vegas Where The Future Comes to Life—And the 7 Best Products We Found There

These inventions will be the Snap Spectacles of 2017.

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On paper, the annual Consumer Electronics Show sounds like a boring, nerdy snoozefest. Imagine it: Rows and rows of booths full of techies trying to convince industry pros that their invention will be the next big thing.
In reality, perusing the aisles at CES is like walking through Tomorrowland—the gadgets and gizmos could be straight out of an episode of the Jetsons. And some of the coolest debuts at CES 2017 are focused on health and wellness technology … which is obviously right up our alley. Read on for the best products we’ve seen (so far!) at CES 2017.

Hexo Skin

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via Hexoskin

These form-fitting Hexo Skin shirts measure precise cardiac, respiratory, sleep and activity data. Wear the quick drying, breathable, lightweight, anti-odor, chlorine resistant, UV protective shirts while you’re sitting in the office, working out, or even sleeping!

Motiv Ring

wearable tech
via Motiv

As much as we love our Apple watch, sometimes it’s a bit too bulky, casual, and “tech-y” to wear for certain events, like an important meeting or a special night out. The Motiv ring is a sleek alternative; the minimalist, gender-neutral activity and sleep tracker connects directly to your smartphone.

LeEco Smart Bike

smart bike, CES 2017
via Chris Velazcon / Engadget

Is finishing a triathlon on your resolution list for 2017? You might want to invest in a LeEco Smart Bike. Coming in road and mountain bike prototypes, the LeEco smart bike measures your speed, distance, force, and heart rate with a small screen right in the center of your bike.

Moxi Stroller

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Via Moxi Stroller

Documenting your kid’s every move can be exhausting. Well, at least it’ll exhaust your phone battery—and no mom wants to be stuck with a dead iPhone when her toddler does something cute. This smart Moxi Stroller uses the energy of the stroller’s moving wheels to power up your mobile. Plus, it tells you how far you’ve walked and how many calories you’ve burned.

Samsung Family Hub 2.0 Smart Fridge

samsung fridge
via Samsung

For busy people, grocery shopping can be a serious time suck. But this smart fridge allows you to see what you need while you’re in the grocery store, thanks to a built-in spy cam that projects the inside of your fridge onto your iPhone app. You’ll never need to make a list again! Even better? You can order groceries to be delivered directly from your fridge.

Hi Mirror

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via Hi Mirror

This year’s CES developments aren’t just limited to health and business—beauty electronics are making a real splash, too. The Hi Mirror analyzes your complexion every morning, and tells you exactly what products you should use to get glowing.


via Zera

For environmentally conscious folks, the choice to compost food scraps is a no-brainer. But many city-dwellers don’t have the space to house a composting pile … or a garden to use their beautiful fertilizer in. Zera aims to correct these issues, and then some. In what looks like a minimalist, chic garbage can, Zera transforms a week’s worth of food waste into fertilizer in just under 24 hours. Pretty amazing, considering most compost piles take months to decompose and become viable.

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