6 Cruelty-Free Beauty Brands to Add to Your Makeup Kit

There's something to suit every style and every budget.

cruelty-free beauty
Image via RMS Beauty

It’s never been easier to support cruelty-free beauty brands. With all-natural lines like RMS Beauty delivering super-effective clean makeup and drugstore lines like Wet N Wild serving up the affordable options, there’s officially something for everyone (and every budget!). Keep scrolling to spotlight a few of the standout cruelty-free cosmetics lines to know.

1Wet N Wild

Image via Wet N Wild

Yep, your favorite drugstore cosmetic brand is also cruelty-free, and its parent company Markwins International is even endorsed by PETA!

2RMS Beauty

Image via RMS Beauty

RMS will forever be one of our most-rated natural brands. They have a cult following within natural beauty circles, and are all about organic, natural, nontoxic, clean ingredients like virgin coconut oil. The clever formulations are also super effective and stand-up against more commercial brands that don’t stick to the same natural and cruelty-free values.

3Kat Von D

Image via Kat Von D

Although the FDA hasn’t established a regulation for what it means to be “vegan,” Kat Von D uses the moniker and defines it as a product that does not contain any animal products or by-products, and has not been tested on animals.

4Cover FX

You already love tone-matching your own skin with Cover FX’s huge lineup of foundations, and now there’s an even better reason to obsess over the brand: It’s cruelty-free and PETA-approved, and is free of parabens, mineral oil, gluten, and potentially irritating fragrances.

5Hourglass Cosmetics

Image via Hourglass

As a cruelty-free brand, Hourglass does not incorporate animal testing into their development or production, so you can rest easy when using the line. Many of the brand’s cult-hit formulas are also paraben-free and packed with natural ingredients, but check the packaging to make sure your specific product is free of synthetics.

6Ellis Faas

Image via Ellis Faas

Vogue Paris called Ellis Faas “one of the most influential make-up artists of her time” and indeed likewise her Amsterdam-based makeup line is the place to go for lip and eye colors. The company has also always been cruelty-free.

Jasmine Garnsworthy
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