This Is What Supermodel Elsa Hosk’s Buying for Fall

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Image via Victoria's Secret

Victoria’s Secret angel Elsa Hosk is damn stylish, and also happens to have access to some of the best fashion designers on the planet, which prompts us to wonder what exactly she’s buying and wearing now that fall’s arrived. It’s a question we were able to ask the supermodel this morning at an event for fashion brand n: Philanthropy. The label donates 10 percent of proceeds to charity, and has just partnered with Fair Girl, an organization supporting survivors of sex trafficking – and a charity that Elsa herself supports.


Elsa chatted with us about the new partnership, her fall shopping list, the beauty products she uses religiously, and her thoughts on everything from acupuncture to cryotherapy. Keep scrolling for all the details.

Sporteluxe: How did you become involved with Fair Girl?

Elsa Hosk: I watched this movie called The Whistleblower and it was about human trafficking and it touched me. I couldn’t think of anything worse to happen to a girl than to be a sex slave, and sold. I really wanted to get involved, so me and Lisa my agent started looking for organizations in the U.S. that worked to prevent it and we found Fair Girls. I met the girls and I realized how much help they need.

elsa hosk
Elsa Hosk for n: Philanthropy

Now that Fair Girl and you have partnered with n: Philanthropy, what do you think people should check out first when they visit the online store?

This black fringed skirt I’m wearing, it’s all vegan leather and it’s really cute. This is one of their more dressed-up pieces. I also love all the cut-outs and their basics – it’s all so easy to wear, you can just throw it together.

Elsa Hosk
Image via Instagram user hoskelsa

Have you sorted out your fall and winter wardrobe yet? Do you know what boots you’ll be wearing?

I’m loving boots that are patent leather. I’m also such a combat boot girl, I just wear combat boots with everything.

What coat have you bought for fall?

I just found this beautiful Céline coat, it’s dark green. I’m really into dark green. It’s heavy, big, and the shoulders are really big – you can just wrap yourself in it.

Are there any fall fashion trends that you will be wearing?

I like the bomber jacket trend – I’m really into the cropped, oversize look. I think it works really well with skinny jeans.

Elsa hosk
Image via Lola Rebella

How do you layer when the weather gets cold?

Just scarf it up! Wear a scarf, hats – I’m into layering with accessories.

I love the natural-looking lipstick you’re wearing right now. What brand is that?

Right now I’m wearing Armani. I think it’s 202. The only lipstick that works for me is the subtle, rose one. I tried a black lip for a CFDA event and I loved it, but it’s not me. It’s way too like out there. I’m not really great at experimenting with makeup, I have a look that kind of works for me and I just stick with it. I wear so many different [beauty] looks for shoots that I just want to be natural and simple.

elsa hosk
Image via Instagram user elsahosk

Is there a mascara that you think is particularly great? 

All different ones really. I like RMS beauty. They have a really good mascara and everything’s natural, I like that.

How do you care for your skin?

My two favorite brands are Biotherm, I love them – they’re so indulgent and I love the smells and everything. I just recently discovered a brand called Dr. Barbara Sturm. She’s amazing – she has this cream where she infuses your blood with the cream. It’s sort of like the vampire facial but she’s made it easier. She takes your blood, then she puts it back into the cream and it has your DNA so it heals your skin. It is new – you should definitely look it up! She works in Germany so she keeps a little vial of your blood and then she will FedEx when you need anything because it only lasts about two months.

Do you see any natural health experts regularly?

I get acupuncture but I forgot what exactly is her name, I just call the number but she’s on Broadway and 26th Street. I do also love those vitamin infusions where you can just have the person come to your house. I also love cryotherapy there’s a place called The Fuel Stop on Central Park South.

What products do you use on your hair?

I like Kerastase and Sachajuan.

Jasmine Garnsworthy
Jasmine Garnsworthy is the Sporteluxe New York editor, covering mostly health and fitness while dabbling in fashion, entertainment news, and pop culture. She swears coconut oil can fix anything, obsessively face-mists through all stressful situations, and will try any weird wellness trend at least once.