2017 Is The Year Of Energy Muse—Here’s Why This Crystal Company Is Going to Get Huge

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I’d been sitting with Heather Askinosie and Timmi Jandro—founders of the crystal company Energy Muse—for an hour, chatting about everything from how to cleanse crystals to female entrepreneurship. I was halfway out the door when somehow my last relationship entered the conversation.


“I’m sorry I just kept getting something while we were talking—are you still like, involved or trying to get over that person?” Askinosie (the self-described “intuitive” of the duo) asked.

“We just broke up a few weeks ago …” I admitted.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to … It’s just that I’ve been feeling this whole time that you’ve had something on your heart,” she said as she pressed on her chest with both hands, like self-administered CPR. “It’s like ehhhh,” she gasped. “I feel like that will be important for you to be aware of that so you can heal. Maybe some rainbow obsidian for releasing, grieving, to get rid of the sadness. You know what I mean. Sometimes we just need to let go of some of those emotions so we can heal.”

“I actually feel good and excited—but there is a lot of change.”

“I think it’s good. And sometimes it’s not even about the [other] person. It’s about the things that we say to ourselves … So grab either rose quartz or rainbow obsidian crystal. I’m seeing that vibe for you—you’ll be resonating to one of them. I kept getting love love love love love love, so maybe you’re about to meet another new love. I felt another somebody or something, so stay open!” laughed Askinosie.

It was quite a memorable way to end an interview and a perfect example of the type of magic that happens at Energy Muse on a daily basis. The crystal jewelry company was founded Askinosie and Jandro 17 years ago; Askinosie had a background in feng shui, and Jandro worked in fashion merchandising. Energy Muse came about when Askinosie stopped doing feng shui readings while she was pregnant and was looking for work. “When she found out she was pregnant she didn’t want to do readings because you take on the people’s energy. Heather’s mom said, You have all this knowledge about feng shui and crystals, why don’t you create something that people can wear? So she created the prosperity necklace,” explained Jandro.

Because the two had been friends since first grade, Jandro jumped at the opportunity to work together and helped her friend market and produce prosperity necklaces.

“It was a word of mouth thing,” says Askinosie. “We got very lucky—we started getting invited to all these Hollywood parties and they’d tell us to bring our beads. We’d get ushered to back rooms and we’d be selling out. Our business just took off overnight … and then a few years later we had to really learn how to run a business.”

Fast forward more than a decade, and Energy Muse is stronger than ever. The company sells crystal jewelry and raw stones that they personally cleanse under the full moon, and is publishing its first book in the fall on practical ways to integrate crystal rituals and healing into your life. To Askinosie, “Our main message is to demystify this whole thing about how crystals are this very woo-woo esoteric thing, and at the end of the day, we all have our feet on the ground. It’s the common denominator. How can we use that to harness ourselves?”

While Askinosie and Jandro have grown their business globally, they’re also hyperlocal. In fact, you can visit their Torrance office to make crystal bracelets and get a gemstone reading from Askinosie herself. “You come in, and on a piece of paper you write down things you want the answers to without telling us. Then you pick up the crystals that you’re attracted to. and Heather’s gift is that she reads the combination of the gemstones you selected,” explained Jandro. “People say it’s like ten therapy sessions at once.”

My biggest question for these crystal gurus? What happens if you don’t feel like your crystals work?

“The thing with crystals is that someone will say, I got this crystal and nothing happened. They didn’t work. Just like anything, you have to give it a job. If you get a crystal, everything wants a job everyone wants a purpose. So do crystals. Let’s say you grab this crystal and want it for protection, then you command this to hold the energy of protection. What will happen is when you go out and live your life, it holds the space when you don’t. So when you come back, it’s holding that energy. I think that’s a big thing, when people get stones that they give them a job, that they give it a purpose, that they give it an intention for that energy. That’ll shift things definitely.”

So give your crystals a job, OK people! Don’t have a crystal to command? Head over to Energy Muse‘s site. They have hundreds of ethically sourced gemstones, gorgeous energetic jewelry, and other space clearing tools for your home. And for daily inspiration, follow them on Instagram—we promise, you won’t be disappointed.

Oh, and I picked up a rainbow obsidian crystal on my way out, on Askinosie’s recommendation. And so far, it’s worked.


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