Here’s The Deal With Energy Healing—And Why You Might Need It

It's not as weird or "hippie" as you might think.


Have you heard of energy healing? This wellness trend is actually a centuries-old practice that promises to balance your body to help with a myriad of woes, including pain, infertility, insomnia, anxiety, and depression.


Reiki is a common form of energy work, along with aura readings and crystal healing, and they’ve made their way into mainstream society, thanks in no small part to the self-care movement.

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But, wait, what exactly is energy healing? We spoke with Kay Andrews, an Intuitive Healer, who was kind enough to answer all our burning questions.

How would you describe energy healing?

Energy or energetic healing is using or channelling energy to bring a person’s energy back into balance. When the chakras of the body are out of balance, “blockages” form in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. This can cause disease, physical pain, stress and even fatigue. By releasing these blockages, the body will be able to heal itself.

What can someone expect from a session?

Everyone has a different style of energetic healing, but I work through massage. I can feel blockages in the body and I use my intention and breath to help shift or release things out of the body to restore balance.

At the beginning of a session, I ask a lot of questions about a client’s childhood and personal life. This is often the key to finding the source of these blockages. For example, the way a client’s parents spoke to them as a child can affect their behaviour and thought patterns as an adult.

After a session, people often feel lighter, relaxed and happier as they have released fear or trauma.

Who can benefit from an energetic healing session?

Anyone! People come to me for a variety of reasons—everything from cancer to work issues.

Is there anything you can do on a daily basis to clear or heal your energy?

Yes, absolutely. Sea salts are really powerful for clearing energy. Frankincense oil is also great to use aromatically or on pressure points of the body to ward off negative energy. You can even sage your house—I sage my own home at least three or four times a week. It’s also important to have a positive mindset and set intentions. After all, we are the power that creates our own reality.

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