Exactly How Much Your Favorite Fitness and Beauty Influencers Really Earn

This new breakdown reveals SO much.

Kayla Itsines
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Australian fitness influencers have topped Forbes’ inaugural Top Influencers list, a breakdown ranking the most influential power players in the digital space right now. The new initiative breaks down the 10 most famous (and lucrative) identities on Instagram, YouTube, and in blogging across multiple categories—while also offering a voyeuristic peek into their bank accounts.


The inaugural Top Influencers list looks at who’s making bank in the fashion, beauty, home and fitness sectors, among others. By partnering with analytics firm Traackr Forbes was able to track various indicators such as each influencer’s audience size, propensity for virality, and engagement. With the help of another social insight platform Captiv8, the publication was able to work out each how much each candidate could charge per post. They also considered other ways to make money, like endorsements, product sales, and book deals. Only influencers who truly built their empires in the digital space were included in the list—so you won’t see any Kardashians here.

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At the number one spot for fitness influencers, one of our favorite wellness entrepreneurs, Aussie Kayla Itsines, was estimated to earn quite a hefty sum in revenue throughout 2017 just from her hugely successful Sweat With Kayla app alone—and that doesn’t account for her multiple sold-out tours, e-guide sales, and other sources of revenue. Jennifer Selter, who went viral thanks to her booty-busting regimen, holds second place on the top fitness influencers list, while another Australian influencer, Emily Skye, is third.

In the beauty category British YouTube star, author, and entrepreneur Zoe Sugg (better known as Zoella) came in at number one. Michelle Phan, despite the fact she won’t do sponsored or paid posts, is second. This is likely because of her widely successful  subscription box company, Ipsy, which was valued at upwards of $500 million in 2015.

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While admittedly this kind of income-tracking is a little voyeuristic—and the estimations have not exactly been confirmed by each actual influencer—we know you really want to click through every category (we did too!), so head over to Forbes to read the full breakdown.

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