11 Inspirational Fitness Accounts to Follow in 2017

Let these women inspire you to move this year.

Bianca Cheah in Abu Dhabi

It’s not always easy getting back into your workout routine after the holidays. Even if you do everything right when setting your goals, there’s a big difference between writing down your health aspirations and actually turning up to the gym at 6 a.m. in winter. To help keep the momentum going, we have sought out some of the most inspirational fitness Instagram accounts. These influential yogis, runners, and athletes have a balanced approach to food and exercise, and can help guide you towards a more healthy version of yourself in 2017.


Our very own founder, Bianca Cheah, is the Insta-famous yogi you need to follow in 2017. Whether you’re just starting out on your own wellness journey, or you have crow pose and headstands down pat, everyone can appreciate her balanced approach to exercise, food, travel, and life in general.

Backbends ❤️ // @emilyabay_photographer

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Casey Lynn Howard clean, light, and bright Instagram aesthetic is addictive. The New York City fitness influencer takes you to the best studios, gyms, and outdoor exercise spots not just in NYC, but across the country.

Hi babes! Late night post comin at ya cause I just now finished getting my sweat on I didn’t have time to fit in my workout this morning so I decided I was going to write this off as my rest day for the week // I finally got home around 7 and my better half @alexa_messer told me she was going to go the gym in an hour. I thought to myself she had a busy day as well but here she was getting up and getting to it, not writing this off as a rest day. I realized if she could do it there was actually no legit reason I couldn’t be doing it as well. An hour later I threw on my sneakers and sprinted out the door with her. Screw that rest day (by all means take rest days ladies, your body needs em, I’m just saying don’t take them as an excuse!) I did a #PPCG workout, one I had done before. I completed the exercises with the exception of hanging leg raises once again because there’s no way I could hang myself from a chin up bar and raise my legs up and down 40 times, I just didn’t have the strength for that. I started to walk back upstairs and right before I pushed open the door to the locker room, I stopped, and thought screw that too. There is NO reason I couldn’t at least do one, if not I would have tried and knew I did my best. I marched my butt back down those stairs and did a little hop (the bar was taller than me) and hung on to those bars with all the strength my little hands had. I honestly can tell you I didn’t think I would be able to do just ONE, even when I was hanging from the bar. I was right, I couldn’t do just one….. but I definitely did do forty Go figure! Just goes to show you what can happen when you try. Always try my beauties because surprising yourself is one of the most joyful triumphant parts of life!

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Jo Encarnacion is a San Francisco-based based fitness and lifestyle blogger, and a certified lifestyle coach with an awesome attitude towards life. In addition to insight into the workouts she follows, healthy books she reads, and what she’s eating, Jo also has a damn good eye for athleisure, so it’s worth following her simply for the gym outfit inspiration.

How did you spend your year? Did you share gratitude to to ones who have been there for you every single day? Did you give it your all? Did you reach your goals? Sometimes we look back only to wish for things we could’ve done, but we often forget that we still have a second chance. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ The beautiful thing about an ending is right around the corner is a beginning. Tomorrow you have 365 more opportunities to learn how to love yourself just a little bit more. There are 365 more days to show gratitude to the ones who have helped you along your way. There are 365 beautiful opportunities to #bebetter, to love harder, to create the life you want to live, to take ownership of your mistakes, learn from them, and grow from them. What are you leaving behind in 2016, how are you stepping into 2017? If you aim for perfection there’s a chance that you might fail, because the expectation to get it right and perfect every single time is nearly impossible. But if you go into 2017 with the determination to aim for progress to live better, be healthier, love more; then you’re going in already #betterthanyesterdaystrongerfortomorrow. to 2017 you’re already looking better because I know I have the power to manifest all the things my little heart and mind desires.

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With a bio that reads “I f*cking love yoga” you know that body positive advocate and yogi Jessamyn Stanley doesn’t hold back in her posts about the realities of working up a sweat, politics, and everything in between.

This may sound harsh but I’m just curious…how long before all the liberal white tears stop falling and everyone stops crying about Trump 2016 in favor of excitement over pumpkin spice lattes or whatever else? Because let’s be real- this public outcry against the American presidential election probably only has the strength of a news cycle. I’m sorry, was that too brusque? Trust me I know this is a sad/sensitive time- I’m black, queer and I rep North Carolina for better or worse. But every “shocked”/”horrified”/”scared”/”I’m so abysmally sad” social media status has left me more confused than I expected to feel. Did y’all just realize that racism is alive and well in America? I mean, I can’t tell you how many people hit me up with photos of the impromptu KKK presence in the streets of Mebane, NC yesterday. Those fuckers have been stars of my nightmares since I came out of Tangela’s womb, but did y’all just remember them? Is that why you’re so “shocked”/”horrified”/”scared”/”…abysmally sad”? For the record, they’ve always been present. They weren’t eradicated just because you thought we live in a “post racial America,” whatever that means. Y’all, this isn’t a different America than the one we woke up in on Tuesday morning. Stop acting brand new. Stop looking for sympathy where it isn’t deserved. Dry your tears and use all that thumb tapping power to bring good energy and positive action into this world, not stroke your own ego. If you’re feeling guilt because you didn’t convince your relatives/loved ones not to vote for the Donald, then admit it. If you’re a person of privilege and you’re struggling with personal responsibility for the election results, acknowledge your privilege and use it for good. But please calm down with all this foot stomping and tear sniffing- it doesn’t create strength or action, it just reads like the ramblings of a disappointed kindergartener. Regardless of US presidency, we have all the tools to live in harmony with one another. But we have to accept our own responsibility and stop looking outside of ourselves for the answers to our problems. Leggings- @rainbeaucurves Fingers + Toes- @yogapaws by @lydiahudgens

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