‘This New Beauty Gadget Banished My Dark Under-Eye Circles’

Why haven't you tried Me Bright yet?

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If you’ve had a late night, long day, or are generally feeling overworked, the first place the evidence shows up is under your eyes. Dark, puffy shadows are often the hallmark of a too-busy schedule—at least, they are for me. I’ve tried almost everything to banish those purplish marks, from caffeine-infused serums to super-hydrating serums, and nothing has really been able to rid me of them for good. It’s why I was pumped when the Me Bright Eye Illuminating Device ($129) landed on my desk with the invitation to test it out.


Me Bright’s a handheld, purple gadget that uses tiny red LED lights with radio-frequency technology. This combination promises to stimulate collagen production and hide those sleepy under-eye circles while softening fine lines—and you can use it at home.

My interest was officially piqued after flicking through the instruction manual and spotting some mighty impressive claims: Apparently after just one week of using Me Bright for six minutes per day, 74 percent of users saw improvements. After four weeks, 88 percent said they noticed an increase in skin firmness, and after eight weeks a whopping 93 percent of users noted overall better skin appearance, including the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, and brighter eyes. “What is this wizardry!?” I thought.

me bright eye illuminating device
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An insider at Iluminage Beauty, the company behind Me Bright, Andrea DiNunzio, also talked up the device: “With the bright, you can reverse the first signs of aging and see younger-looking eyes in just one week,” she promised. This kind of red light therapy, DiNunzio explained, has been used widely by dermatologists and skin care professionals for its rejuvenating benefits for many years. “Specific wavelengths of red light as used in the bright device have been proven to promote cell renewal and skin hydration to improve skin tone and texture,” DiNunzio added. Sounds promising.

When it comes down to it, Me Bright is really simple to use. Per the instruction manual, I charged it for four hours, removed my makeup, hit the power button, and began gliding the lit-up device around the bags under my eyes and the surrounding fine lines for three minutes on each side. It’s a little warm, and you can feel the gadget vibrating, but there’s no pain or discomfort—although the super-bright light is off-putting. You also have to sit with your eyes closed for six minutes, which feels a little weird.

After religiously using for three minutes a day (per eye), five days a week for three weeks, the results were obvious. In fact, the puffiness under my eyes dissipated a little after each treatment, and fine lines definitely appeared softened after the two weeks. Unbelievably, this random little gadget is like a magic wand for relieving tired eyes, and totally lives up to its lofty claims.

Jasmine Garnsworthy
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