Modo Yoga Just Opened A Brand New Location in Echo Park And It’s Seriously Amazing

Watch out, Venice. The yoga scene on the east side of Los Angeles is heating up—and it might just give Westside yogis a little asana jealousy.


The newest addition to the crew? Modo Yoga, the international hot yoga studio franchise, just opened up its second location in L.A., right in the middle of the hippest area of the east side.

Modo already has a popular West Hollywood studio on La Brea, but its new studio at 1755 Glendale Blvd is perfectly situated to serve the Echo Park and Silverlake crowd. It’s also easily accessible from the freeway from downtown LA—so there’s really no excuse not to get yourself to class if you’re on the east side of the 405.

And trust, you’ll love the Modo experience. First, the studio is gorgeous—think all high ceilings and natural light, with architecture that marries the industrial vibe of Echo Park paired with natural elements like blonde wood and indoor plants. There’s plenty of space in the bright lobby to sit and chill before class, work on your computer, or sip a ‘booch with a friend post-asana. In particular, I love Modo’s thoughtfulness about its environmental impact; there are reusable water bottles for guests to use, water-saving showers in the locker room, and the furniture is made from reclaimed wood from old gym floors.

The actual studios, too, are top-notch. Modo Yoga is heated—when I walked into my class, I caught a glimpse of the thermostat hiked up to a very sweaty 102 degrees—but the atmosphere feels very different than the typical dark, damp, muggy hot yoga class. Quite the opposite—Modo East’s studios have those same gorgeous high ceilings as the lobby does, plus strategic skylights that flood the space with natural light. The result is a gorgeous, airy yoga studio that’s still crazy hot … but instead of feeling trapped and smothered by the heat, you feel like it’s opening you up and taking your practice to the next level.

If you’ve been to any of Modo Yoga’s studios before, you know exactly what to expect from the actual classes. Based on a proprietary blend of Hatha and Vinyasa yoga, Modo’s method is both athletic and therapeutic. Depending on your mood, there’s a range of classes on the calendar that you can choose from—some are more mellow and Yin-based, while others pump up the sweat factor until you’re completely drenched.

Modo doesn’t just offer yoga classes. Its neighbor from La Brea, The DEN Meditation, is also hosting pop-up mindfulness classes on a limited schedule within Modo’s Echo Park studio so you can sweat and chill. Honestly, can you imagine a more perfect pairing? It’s safe to say that Modo Yoga’s new Echo Park location completely blew us away … and it’s well worth the trek to the east side, even if you’re not local!

Check out Modo Yoga at 1755 Glendale Blvd, Echo Park. 

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