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Natal Chart Readings, Astrology vs. Astronomy: Modern Mystic Natalia Benson Tells All

Astrology is an interesting territory that comes with much criticism and controversy. All I knew on the subject was that my Astronomy professor in college taught me that I might not actually be a Pisces *according to the stars*. As someone who was just not sure what to think about it, I was really excited to talk with Modern Mystic, Astrologer and life coach, Natalia Benson.

Benson began her self-awareness journey in her early twenties, studying Kundalini Yoga, Tarot, and Astrology. Now 10 years into her practice, you can find this mega babe as the resident astrologer for and instructing wellness events with companies like Google and Boscia, among others. Here, Natalia answers all of the Astrology-doubting questions you would ever have and gives us the low down on what the heck a natal chart reading actually is.

Sporteluxe: What is the biggest myth about astrology that people need to stop believing?

Natalia: I’d say the only thing that ever bums me when I hear anyone bad mouthing astrology is this idea that it’s something fake or misleading–Astrology is an art & a science that was once utilized alongside Astronomy (and actually predates it). 

I always like to say Astrology is a language–it’s not something to believe or not believe in–you can either choose to learn the language and apply its wisdom and insight to your life or let it be. It’s like oxygen–you don’t need to believe in it, it just simply is what it is. Use it or don’t 😉 

SL: Astrology and Astronomy–Do they match up? 

Natalia: As I said above Astrology and Astronomy were once the same applied art/science. I read that in ancient Babylon, Astrology predated Astronomy and royalty throughout the ages have had an Astrologer in their courts for insight and guidance on major political decisions.

The reason Astronomy often seeks to discredit Astrology is because of something called “Procession of the Equinox”–over time as the Earth tilts on its access we basically get to see a new and unique perspective of the heavens–the Gregorian Calendar does not have its own “procession” hence what we are experiencing on Earth with our calendar does not take into consideration this Procession of the Equinox (aka change in perspective of the sky). Therefore what we are viewing in terms of the constellation does not add up to what is being celebrated at the time of the specific Zodiac sign on earth.

Image from Instagram user @natalia_benson

SL: Is there a difference between Natal Chart reading and Astrology?

Natalia: Natal Chart Reading belongs to Astrology–but what I will say and what I do teach–is that there is a uniqueness between Natal Chart Readings & Generalized Horoscopes. Horoscopes are usually a way people like to call Astrology’s bluff–and one reason I think this is, is because an Astrologer will always do her or his best to make the horoscope message widespread and relatable.

Natal Chart Readings are based on your Birthtime, Birthplace and Birthdate and get VERY specific on a personalities strengths, weaknesses and trajectory. You can draft horoscopes & aspects off of a Natal Chart and then you have a very reliable and accurate horoscope.

SL: How does a Natal Chart reading work? 

Natalia: You send me your birthdate, place and exact time of birth. I draft a chart based on this information and go through the planetary placements and aspects with you. You can ask any question you want and I’ll decipher the chart based on my knowledge of Western Astrology.

Remember the language reference I made above? An astrologer basically decodes the symbology of your specific chart based on your birth info. You can ask about career, love, relationships, family stuff, home base, children, truly everything! It’s very fun and incredibly insightful. I had my first chart reading when I was 22  years old and it changed my life–and here I am nearly 10 years later an Astrologer myself so I can give people the same gift it’s given me. 

Image from Instagram user @Hailleyhoward

SL: What is Mystical Therapy?

Natalia: Well, I am someone who does believe that talk therapy works, from my own experience it’s assisted me in working through major life experiences and trauma because I’m so self-aware and also expressive. I don’t claim to be a therapist but I do joke that tarot & astrology can aid as a sort of “mystical therapy” simply because anyone can bring their thoughts, ideas, and inquiries to Tarot & Astrology and gain insight and empowerment as well as a unique perspective to something that has perhaps caused them a lot of pain.

SL: You’re a self-described Modern Mystic… what is that?

Natalia: A Modern Mystic is one who studies the ancient wisdom and looks at life from a deeper perspective. Anyone can be a Mystic if they choose the path of self-awareness, accountability, and love. Mystics typically like to be of service and help others heal and evolve as they have. 

SL: What is the weirdest out of body experience you’ve ever had?

Natalia: I’ve actually never had an out of body experience! But I definitely have had some pretty mystical and magical experiences that made me feel like life is and was a total dream.

SL: Do you think there is a parallel universe? If so–have you been there before? 

Natalia: I  absolutely do. But I believe whatever we focus on is real for us – so if you want to focus on what’s out of your immediate reality then that becomes real for you. If you want to stick to just the 3D then there you have it. Life and reality are a matter of individual perception. 

I haven’t [been there before]. I’ve gone deep in meditation and mystical explorations–but I’m a pretty grounded individual soIi can’t say I do much astral traveling!! It’s never totally appealed to me as an Aries with tons of Earth energy in her chart!

Image from Instagram user @dollyave

SL: Who have been some of your biggest celebrity clients?

Natalia: For privacy and respect, I don’t divulge my celeb clients 🙂 But I will say I’ve read for people across the spectrum of movies, music, fashion & television. It’s a huge honor to get to share this work with a broad spectrum of people.  

SL: So you’ve done events for companies like Boscia and Google among others. It seems like a trend that big companies are bringing in people with your knowledge to help the productivity of their staff… how do you think this is helping?

Natalia: Company Wellness is a major movement right now–I’m excited to see that on a bigger level people are realizing that happy and connected people are more productive and impactful with their work. We spend so much time at work it should be something nourishing and enriching as oppose to infinitely stress inducing and exhausting.

I’ve read Tarot & Astrology for both Google & Boscia among others for events–it’s cool to see major brands incorporating spiritual vibes into their events and company MO’s. I’m happy I stuck to my studies and meditations all these years!!

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