Good Vibes: How Crystal Healing Is Infiltrating The Beauty &Health Scene

Breaking down the buzzy wellness trend.

crystal healing
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It’s no longer enough to simply grasp onto a gemstone while you meditate — crystal healing has officially crossed over into just about every aspect of ours lives. Right now you’ll find quartz under the floor-boards at one of New York’s chicest fitness studios, will spot glittering feature walls at the world’s most luxe wellness retreats, and can drink crystal-infused water. Because well, why not? In the story ahead we investigate these and more wellness-focused inventions dishing up creative ways to get those good vibrations. Keep scrolling!

1Crystal Headache Oil

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Yes, crystal “headache oil” is an actual thing that exists and you can buy online for $12. This particular concoction is made with 100 percent pure almond oil, is infused with quartz and amethyst, and has a minty, fresh fragrance. When applied to your temples, this combination supposedly soothes a pounding head – and hey, it can’t hurt to try.

2Crystal-Infused Water

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Why just carry around a crystal when you can infuse it into your water, right? The drink, creatively dubbed “high vibration water,” is available at London’s Nectar Café (which borders a yoga studio), but you can also buy customizable water bottles with clusters of gems online for $78. Cynics, this might inspire some eye-rolling, but at least they look cute.

3Crystal Face Rollers

Image via Aquarian Soul Designs

Massaging your face is believed to help promote lymphatic drainage, decrease puffiness, and even help fight wrinkles. And for $30, you can massage your face with a 100 percent pure natural rose quartz face roller, and boost your love life while you’re at it. Believers say this particular crystal is the ultimate romance stone, promoting both self-love and romance. The concept behind this product is to “[infuse] your face with all the properties of rose quartz helping you accept your own beauty and radiate your inner beauty.” Use it with your favorite face oil or serum to promote absorption.

4Crystal-Embedded Floors

Image via Jamie Baird

Following the crazy success of The Class, founder Taryn Toomey opened her own studio in New York City. Inside, crystal-embedded floors promise to balance your energy while you work up a sweat. Specifically, the light oak floor holds amethyst, rose and clear quartz beneath it in order to promote the “energetic flow” of the studio.

5Crystal-Infused Tights

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Earlier this week Vogue reported German brand Item M6 has dropped a product called Beauty Tights. Basically, the compression fabric — which looks like a basic black pantyhose — is infused with ceramic crystals that have “photoluminescence” powers. Now, in English: The crystal component turns your body heat into infrared frequency that they claim can help your body break down fat, and simulate a detox, kind of like an infrared sauna. Well, this is an entirely different take on crystal healing.

6Crystal-Infused Steam Room

Image via Queen of Retreats

Within the spa at Australia’s Gwinganna Health Retreat you’ll find a large steam room equipped with a wall feature made from crystal, so you can balance your energy while waiting for your treatment.

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