Even Pro Athletes Have Muscle “Jiggle”—These Genius Tights Hold You In Place AND Improve Athletic Performance

When you look good, you feel good. And when you're confident, you can do anything.

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Elite middle-distance runner Colleen Quigley doesn’t seem like someone who’s lacking in confidence. The 5’9″ steeplechaser competed in this summer’s Olympic Games, rocking a pair of royal blue “USA” racing briefs in front of millions as she dashed toward the finish line.


Quigley relies on her strong, powerful legs to sprint the 3,000-meter race, all while launching over 28 barriers and leaping through seven water jumps. But even she is thankful for a little extra support from her running tights: “The last thing I want is to be distracted by what I’m wearing because that takes away what I’m supposed to be doing: running. Everything has to feel right because then you’re able to focus 100 percent on the goal at hand.”

Enter the new Nike Zonal Strength Running tights—the supportive, body-hugging tights of our (and Colleen’s) dreams. They have the perfect amount of compression, so your lower body is lifted and locked-in without feeling constricted. And that makes for a more confident workout—say goodbye to distracting-slash-annoying lower body muscle “jiggle”—and more efficient sweat sessions. Because the tights reduce muscle vibration by 40 percent, they effectively improve endurance by saving muscular energy, which means you can go harder for longer.

We have to admit, the science behind the Nike Zonal Strength Training Tights and the Zonal Strength Running Tights ($150) and it’s pretty cool to imagine that wearing these tights could make our morning run and NTC workouts feel a little easier. But honestly, we might be more excited about how comfortable they are: High-waisted for a flattering fit, flat seams for a barely-there feel, and two types of mesh for breathability.

Whether you’re running, training, or just walking around the city, the Zonal Strength Tights will make you look good; and when you look good, you feel good. That type of confidence is powerful—with it, you can accomplish whatever you dream of.

Check out why these women—from Olympians to first-time marathoners—are in love with the confidence the get from the Zonal Strength Tights.

Colleen Quigley, elite middle-distance runner


“Confidence is important for all athletes. You need to be able to stand on the starting line next to some of the best athletes in the world and think to yourself Yes, I belong here. I deserve a spot on the line, competing against them.

I feel most confident about my legs because of where they have gotten me. I have pretty long, muscular legs and I think they’re the reason I was recruited. My coach saw me running in high school and said, I think you would be good in the steeplechase. You look strong and tall.”

Nafissatou Thiam, gold-winning heptathlete

nafi-1When I wear these tights they keep everything tight and locked in. I feel completely supported and when I put them on, I feel ready to go.

I have always been tall and at a young age I was really skinny. Growing up I didn’t feel comfortable with my body but sport helped me feel good about myself. Nowadays, I’m still tall but my body is strong, especially my since I use them the most in my sport.

Calu Rivero, designer, DJ, and first-time marathoner


To me, confidence is about being true to who you are. And music is very much a part of who I am. Music makes me feel stronger. My favorite bands are the ones that make me feel really strong when I’m training.

Nike Zonal Strength Tights make me feel strong. The compression zones really make my legs feel protected and held in.

Koharu Sugawara, professional dancer and choreographer

koharu1Nike Zonal Strength Tights feels almost like my second skin because the fabric is so amazing but it keeps my muscles compressed to give me a bit more. When I dance, I usually turn the temperature way up in the studio. I sweat a ton but with these tights, they help wick away the sweat!

The tights are liberating and compressive in a good way all at the same time!

Confidence is having passion and loving what you do. I gain a lot of confidence when I dance because that’s what I love. Despite having good and bad days in the studio, dancing builds up my confidence.

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