Try This Fancy Salad Recipe from New York’s Healthiest Michelin Star Restaurant

Say bye to your go-to garden salad.

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There are salads, and then there are salads. You know, the type you order at a fancy restaurant, look almost too good to eat, probably cost well over $25, and always prompt you to say, “I could probably make this at home.” Today, we’re talking about the latter, with a salad recipe from the new lunch menu at New York restaurant NIX. Vegetarians take note, because this place is the only Michelin star restaurant in the United States that’s completely vegetarian, and they even have vegan options too. The plant-based, uber healthy (and equally chic) spot is the brainchild of chef John Fraser and James Truman and serves 22 different vegetarian—and some vegan—options.


You really only need a handful of ingredients to whip-up the dish, all of which you can nab at Whole Foods (apples, cabbage, fennel, arugula), but the result is a delicious, light, and healthy alternative to your go-to garden salad. Keep scrolling for the recipe—the details below will make one serving, so just multiply if you’re planning on making this for more. 

Shaved Cabbage, Apple, and Shiso Salad

The below ingredients will make one medium-size salad.


Granny Smith apple, julienne 60g
Cabbage, shaved 20g
Fennel, shaved 20g
Arugula 15g
Shiso leaf, julienne 1g
Rice wine vinaigrette 45g
Black sesame seed 2g

To make rice wine vinaigrette:
Rice wine vinegar 200g
Agave 250g
Blended oil 160g


In a mixing bowl begin by combining the apple, cabbage, fennel, arugula, shiso leaf, and vinaigrette either with your hands or using tongs/salad spoons.
Toss all of the above ingredients together in a bowl until they are thoroughly combined, and then season to taste with salt.
Plate in the center of a bowl.
Finish by topping you dish with a very light sprinkle of black sesame seeds. Finally, serve and enjoy!

Jasmine Garnsworthy
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