Meet SereneBook, the New Booking Platform That’s Like ClassPass for Self Love

Meditation, reiki, astrology, and more.

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Just like you use ClassPass for booking your weekly workouts, now there’s SereneBook, a brand-new subscription-based directory dedicated to self-care. Instead of Barry’s Bootcamp and other high-intensity workouts, on SereneBook you will find more than 1500 alternative healers and holistic practitioners offering reiki, astrology, doula services, meditation, organic dentistry, and even professional cuddling (yep, really).


Founded by three holistic health gurus, including yoga and meditation teachers Tegan Bukowski and Jordan Daly, and reiki healer Millana Snow, the service is all about curating the best practitioners in the alternative wellness space. “We are bringing together the best practitioners in 130 different modalities ranging from craniosacral therapists and life coaches to acupuncturists and midwives,” Bukowski explained to Sporteluxe.

SereneBook isn’t just for natural health nuts either—features have been developed to help introduce newbies to the alternative scene. For example, when you sign up, the platform asks each user to set a monthly intention from over 200 options that then helps SereneBook recommend sessions. Intentions include “gut reboot” and “creativity boost” or “womb wellness” and are curated by the platform’s ambassadors like Chelsea Leyland.

Initially, the platform’s rolling out in Los Angeles and New York City, with and next they’ll move into San Francisco, Boston, Houston, and Sydney next. Right now you can apply for a membership, and will begin setting appointments in January 2017. Membership will set you back $150 per month, and this gives members access to three in-person appointments.

Jasmine Garnsworthy
Jasmine Garnsworthy is the Sporteluxe New York editor, covering mostly health and fitness while dabbling in fashion, entertainment news, and pop culture. She swears coconut oil can fix anything, obsessively face-mists through all stressful situations, and will try any weird wellness trend at least once.