Curves Ahead! Sculpt Your Shoulders, Abs, and Glutes With This Workout From Speedplay LA

This workout is all about sculpting your curves: Shoulders, abs, and butt.

Speedplay LA workout

We have to be really, really jazzed about your workout to sign up for a 6 a.m. class. Let’s face it: Waking up to a pitch black sky and cold temps could make anyone want to choose to snuggle under the covers instead of slip into workout clothes. But there’s something about walking into the sky-high Speedplay LA’s Beverly Hills studios that make even early morning sweat sessions enjoyable—perhaps, even, something we look forward to.


It could be the awesome instructors—founder Xaiver Quimbo seriously knows his stuff, and is nice and demanding all at the same time. Or maybe it’s the HIIT-based workouts that include running on Woodway Curve non-motorized treadmills (SO HARD), TRX, rowing, and weight training to torch calories and sculpt bodies safely. And without a doubt, there’s something magical about watching the sunrise peak over the Santa Monica mountains as you put in work during Speedplay’s early morning classes. Honestly, there’s so much to love about this place—if you’re in Los Angeles, you certainly need to check it out for yourself.

Can’t make it to class? We’ve got you covered. Quimbo himself created a few workouts—just for Sporteluxe readers—that’ll make your muscles quiver in a good way. This first burn sesh is all about sculpting curves: The shoulders, abs, and booty.

Lateral Lunge Shift


How to do it:

Set your feet wide, toes forward, feet flat.  Keeping your chest up and shoulders level, move your hips back as you shift your weight into a lateral lunge.  Extend your bent leg back to the starting position and repeat shifting the other direction.  For added difficulty, hold a single dumbbell in front of your chest and press the dumbbell forward as you descend into the lunges. This helps build leg strength, flexibility, and gets you moving in a plane of movement you don’t normally move on a daily basis. 

Repeat 20 times on each side. 

Plank Row


How to do it: 

Start in push-up position with hands on your dumbbells.  Maintain a strong, solid plank (glutes squeezed, abs tight), and lift one dumbbell in line with your rib cage, and then slowly lower it back down.  Make sure your shoulders don’t shrug up towards your ears as you lift, and that your hips stay stable—no rocking side to side! You can always take put your knees down on ground to make this less challenging. 

Complete as many reps as you can for one minute. 

Bench Cross-Over Step


How to do it:

Shift the lactic acid from the shoulder back to the legs with the Bench Cross-over Step.  Start by planting one foot on a bench (the long way).  Extend the standing leg as you step up and over using the other, then repeat. 

Work one leg for 30 seconds and then show the other side some love. 

Plank T-Rotation


How to do it:

T stands for trunk, so we’re hitting the core with this one! Start with your hands on the bench in a push-up position.  Rotate your body into a side plank.  Make sure your shoulder is over the elbow which is over your wrist in a nice straight line.  Hold it for a beat at the side plank and in a controlled manner rotate back into that push-up position. 

Repeat on the other side, and stay strong for 60 seconds… and add a push-up if you’re nasty!  

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