Friday, July 10, 2020

I Tested $200 Worth Of Foundations—These Are My Three Favorites…

They're not your usual go-to's either
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Superfood Sweet Potato Brownie Recipe

Somehow Teresa Cutter seems to sneak a full serving of veggies into nearly every dessert she bakes—but you'd never be able to tell that...

7 Healthy Foods That’ll Give You More Energy Than a Cup of Coffee

Swap your afternoon latte for one of these energizing snacks!

A Healthified Mars Bar, Plus 9 Other Guilt-Free Sweet Recipes

These are the recipes that got us on a sugar-free high in 2016.

The 9 Best Healthy Savory Recipes We Made in 2016

Chocolate “frosting” made with sweet potato and cacao powder. A vanilla blondie recipe that calls for a can of chickpeas instead of flour. Vegan fudge that’s one part coconut oil, one part peanut butter.

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