The 6 Best At-Home Pilates Workouts Of 2016

The six-workout plan to keep you toned through Christmas break.

Strengthen, lengthen, tone, and tighten—do Pilates regularly, and you’re bound to see positive results. And although the reformer and the Trapeze table are super fun, you don’t need a ton of equipment (or any at all!) to get in an incredible body-shaping workout.


These six Pilates workouts were our favorites of 2016—the trainers at One Hot Pilates, (who developed these workouts) seriously know what they’re doing. Here’s your go-to guide for home workouts this holiday season. You’ve got one workout per day—yay for variety!—plus a rest day. Now grab your mat and towel, and get to work.

The Basics


Dubbed “Precision” but One Hot Pilates instructor Tahlia Ware, this workout “highlights the delicate yet deliberate movement that is essential to Pilates.”

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The Full-Body Burn


This workout will challenge your entire body, and hone your mind-body connection.

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The Abs and Back Toner


Throughout this workout Tahlia advises you to focus on the Pilates breathing technique. Inhale through the nose, sending the breath into the sides and the backs of the ribcage. Exhale through the mouth with a slightly forced breathe through pursed lips, gently drawing up through the deep, lower abdominals. This will tone and tighten your abs and back muscles.

Practice this every morning and you’ll start your day more centered and focused, and find yourself more productive.

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The Waist Whittler


This workout includes a sequence of side-lying exercises, which focus on strengthening the hips and side body while maintaining core control and spinal stability. They’ll help you establish control in your muscles to sculpt and tone your body.

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The Six Pack Punch


The workout is designed to build a strong core through stabilized movements. Get ready to feel the burn.

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The Finisher


Last workout of the week! It’s designed to target your whole body, specifically the abs, so get ready to feel the burn. Concentrate on your movement and breathing throughout the exercises.

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