Is This Kardashian-Approved Workout the Answer to Your Dream Butt?

It only takes 10 minutes!

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When it comes to sculpting your booty, weighted lunges and squats are almost always the answer—and lots of them. Any personal trainer will tell you that technique is key when you’re working your butt: Shift too far forward, and you’ll risk bulking up your quads. Stick your butt too far back, and you might just lose your balance. It’s a conundrum that busy Manhattan executive, Erika Rayman, quit her job to solve.


Rayman’s answer is the DB Method: A $189 modified at-home squat machine that sets the body up to achieve the perfect squat, and as a result, the perfectly rounded, lifted, perky butt. She created the machine to meet her own need for an easier way to sculpt her booty and see personal trainer-like results, for a much lower investment: “I came up with the concept because I wanted to create a method of exercising that actually yielded results, specifically in the butt area. I had been training with a [personal trainer] and worked with him in establishing the proper form and wanted to continue to do these proper squats at home when I wasn’t working out with him, so I made this machine!” she told Sporteluxe.

Despite only launching in November last year, the new device has already earned the praise of some of the most famous women on the planet (and um, the most famous derrières) including Khloe Kardashian, who featured The DB Method on her app. Intrigued by the hype, I decided to trial a workout with Rayman myself.

The DB Method
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First things first: Maneuvering yourself onto the machine is kind of awkward to begin—you really stick your butt out, and trust that it can support your weight. Erika told me to put my heels on the floor and the balls of my feet over the footrest. With both hands, I lightly grabbed the handles, and began squatting. We changed the speed (slower is harder, FYI) and rotated between squat pulses that were lower and then higher, and spent a good couple of minutes doing deep squats. I won’t lie, it hurt.

I also quickly noticed that it’s basically impossible to mess up your technique with this machine. Simply being able to push your backside further out and power up through your heels, without worrying about losing your balance, means those core glute muscles feel completely isolated with each movement. I only worked through a single five-minute exercise (Erika suggests doing two or three of these each day in front of the TV), but my glutes were burning by the end of it.

“The machine alleviates the overused quad muscle and activates the glute muscle,” Erika explained when I asked about the particularly targeted burning sensation in my butt. The design also means you can’t overextend your knees over your feet, which can protect the knees injury. “The machine targets your backside more directly, safely, and yields results in a shorter amount of time than free-standing squats,” Erika added.

For apartment-dwellers (me!), there’s another perk: Each machine folds down flat for easy storage under the bed. Consider me sold.

Keep scrolling for one of Erika’s favorite workouts on The DB Method.

10 Minute Dream Butt Workout

1 minute high zone pulses (to warm up and activate the glutes)
1 minute mid to high zone (go down to the midpoint and rise up to top smoothly—don’t let machine hit highest point
1 minute low to high zone (full squat)
1 minute low zone pulses (feeeeeeel the burn)
1 minute mid zone pulses
Rest (2 minutes)
Repeat above workout

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