Walk From Studio To Street In Style!

Love a barefoot workout but need that extra traction on the yoga mat or floorboards at your dance studio? Check out Nike’s latest addition, The Studio Wrap Three-Part Footwear System. A fantastic solution at creating protection and traction while working out in the studio. The pack features a pair of flats that slip over your Studio Wraps and ribbon, so you can walk from studio to street in style and comfort. No more bad pedicures, bunched up socks or awkward slipping moments as these graceful ballet like shoes will now have you joining the likes of Gabby Douglas and Leah Kim who love to train in them.

Nike Studio Wrap green

The three part footwear Studio Wrap.
Gabby 1

Gabby Douglas wearing the Nike Studio Wraps in pink and orange for gymnastics training.

Gabby 3

Nike Woman Gabby Douglas

Leah Kim

Gabby 2 feature