Want To Tone Up Fast? Here’s How In Just 4 Moves

David Kingsbury shares his go-to workout.

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Bored of your workout routine? We feel you. But, with all the trends that seem to appear (and disappear) faster than the Road Runner, it’s hard to tell what’s actually worth a shot.

Enter: OPUS, the new cutting-edge fitness studio based in London. Founded by former professional rugby player and pilates teacher, David Kingsbury, the increasingly popular, calorie-torching training program uses wearable tech to help achieve faster results. OPUS’s goal is to maximise their clients’ heart rate in class so they can get the most out of their sessions and continue to burn calories long after the workout ends.

By tracking how many calories they’ve burnt in a training session, or how quickly their HR drops to a set percentage, we can see if they are on the right track to achieve their fitness goals, explains Kingsbury.

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Sounds pretty great, right? Which is exactly why we asked Kingsbury to share his favourite 10-minute heart rate monitor workout. After all, not all of us can make it to London for a session.

Keep scrolling to see how you can whip your body into amazing shape with this super-easy, 4-move workout. All you need is a fitness tracker or heart rate monitor.

How To:

Whilst tracking your heart rate (HR), perform the below exercises (for example, burpees) until your HR reaches ≥85% MHR. Once it reaches this level, stop and rest until your HR returns to ≤75% MHR. Continue with the next exercise in the list with the above protocol. As you become fitter, you’ll have to work at a higher the intensity to reach 85%, and you’ll get less rest before your HR drops down to 70%.


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2Push Ups

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3Jumping Lunges

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