We Are Cultured: the probiotic drink wellness devotees love to sip


Kefir (pronounced ‘Ke-Fear’) — derived from the Turkish word ‘keyif’ which means to ‘feel good’ — is an ingredient especially loved by the natural health community. And it’s easy to see why – kefir is an enzyme-rich food touted to be more nutritional than yogurt. Jam-packed with micronutrients, vitamins, probiotics, and easily digestible complete proteins, it possesses naturally occurring bacteria and yeast, which is the key to a healthy gut, which in turn is essentially the secret to overall health. Usually made using cow’s or goat’s milk, there are also water-based alternatives for a non-dairy option.

With this in mind, I was recently enthralled to have come across We Are Cultured – a Singaporean company founded on the belief that everything beautiful begins kefirwithin; with a purpose of honouring one’s body through a range of organic, probiotic water kefir drinks. Made of water bases high in mineral content, they are infused with a mixture of either flowers, herbs or tea. With a focus on gut health, each beverage is sustainably crafted and produced to deliver maximum nutritional benefits, optimal gut support and lasting restorative effects.

Lightly carbonated, it is a refreshing beverage that I find tastes better with every sip. But for me, the best part is knowing that it can possibly help to clean and improve the digestive tract. Possessing anti-bacterial properties, my favourites (if I had to choose), would be the Raspberry Le Flor, Silver Earl Grey and Kind of Passion. I also can’t go past the organic dark roasted coffee-based blend, which is perfect for when you need a little perk-me-up (and let’s be honest, it’s more often than not).

Available for delivery via their website www.wearecultured.xyz, expect new flavours to be released soon – I’m talking wild maqui berry, raw cacao and macs…yum!

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Chuinwei Koh
Born and raised in Singapore, Chuinwei attended college and university in Melbourne, Australia. After a stint in the finance sector, she decided to pursue a career in the fashion industry ― first in an esteemed fashion house, then a homegrown luxury retailer, and presently in a multi-label boutique. With an unrelenting determination and belief in all things healthy and in moderation, she watches what she eats, discredits crazy diets and exercises daily; leading family and friends around her to also want to live a holistic lifestyle. As a fitness junkie, Chuinwei is a yogi, runner and has most recently picked up jumping rope. For some time now, she has been blending her own aromatherapy goods and sketching activewear designs ― all in the hopes of being able to start her own ethical consumer goods company one day. She's already got the name picked out.