We reveal the best biodynamic wines!

Embracing clean living doesn’t have to mean giving up the occasional glass of wine. Recently, there’s been an explosion of interest in organic and biodynamic wines, both from consumers as well as wine bars and restaurants. But what does biodynamic actually mean? And how is biodynamic wine different from a regular bottle of vino?

We chatted to Wine Front journalist Mike Bennie to find out a bit more about biodynamic wine.

“Founded by Rudolph Steiner, biodynamics relies on not only organic farming, but a more holistic approach to an entire farm’s existence,” says Mike.  “Biodynamics also includes a methodology that relies on lunar cycles and astronomy for when to take action on a farm.”

With less chemical intervention and a more natural approach to viniculture biodynamic wine is therefore considered a healthier option compared to normal wine. “I personally prefer to drink wines that are produced from non-chemically farmed vineyards as it aligns with a lot of my general produce consumption,” says Mike.

However, according to Mike one of the common misconceptions with biodynamic wine is that it is inherently better in quality. “While farming practices may be more holistic, wineries can then go on to make poor wine from the resulting fruit,” says Mike. Plus, complicated regulations and haphazard labelling can make it difficult to determine exactly what’s actually going on at a vineyard when you’re standing in a wine shop.

Never fear though! We’ve made the search for a great natural wine a whole lot easier by asking Mike to share his expert picks of the best organic and biodynamic wines. With the party season fast approaching we’ll cheers to that!

Mike’s top natural drops


Biodynamic wine, Cullen Red wine

Cabernet Merlot

Cullen Diana Madeline  2012, $105.00

A wine of incredible finesse, seamlessness, tension in texture and all-up elegance, from one of Australia’s pioneer biodynamic winemakers, Cullen Wines. Have one for now or for cellaring long term.

Biodynamic wine, organic wine, healthy wine

Burgundee Shiraz

Harkham River, $30.00

Kosher wine never tasted so good! Farmed biodynamically and made with no preservatives at all. Juicy, fresh and delicious with a dusting of spice.


Castagna 2013 Allegro Rose, biodynamic wine


Castagna Allegro 2013, $32.00

Biodynamic farming and minimal intervention winemaking all the way! A vibrant, crunchy-texture rose of bright fruit character, with a touch of savouriness and dry finish. One of Australia’s best rose style wines.


Biodynamic wine


Ngeringa Viognier 2012, $40.00

From a small Adelaide Hills biodynamic producer comes this gently nutty and utterly delicious viognier.

Spring Seed Poppy Pinot Grigio, biodynamic wine

Pinot Grigio

Spring Seed Wine Co Poppy 2014, $19.50

The whole farm is tended organically and this Spring Seed range is fantastic value for delicious, refreshing and true-to-variety wines. This wine is crisp, a touch grassy, shows pear fruit characters and finishes with a chalky pucker.


Fairbank Ancestral Rose, biodynamic wine

Sparkling Rose

Fairbank Ancestral 2013, $30.00

From an organic source  and produced in a traditional ‘method ancestral’ way in which the bubbles are created in the bottle naturally. This light, frothy wine shows strawberry in perfume and offers vibrant fizz and a gently savoury finish.