We share our cannot (will not) live without products!

Have you ever had an item come into your life and all of a sudden you’re not quite sure how you lived without it? Kind of like when people with a new baby aren’t quite sure what they did before they could only sleep in 40-minute blocks of time and left the house without six bags of stuff.

An extreme comparison, but we’ve all been there (even if some of us are minus the small, needy human…); sailing along in life, minding our own business and all at once we come across the best-fitting yoga pants on the planet, or you know, that automatic vacuuming thingy that means you don’t spend your Saturday morning sweeping up anymore. Suddenly the sun is shining and life is approximately 87 per cent better.

We took to the Sporteluxe team to find out what their holy grail, can’t live without products were, odds on they become yours too!

Our holy grail products this spring

Aveda Invati

Kate Herisson, Sporteluxe Contributor – The Style Press Co.

LOVES: My Aveda Invati shampoo and conditioner

I’m big on anything that helps my beauty routine and at the moment I’m particularly obsessed with hair products. I have fine hair and not much of it, so naturally I am a big fan of backcombing, but even the biggest beehive will cave in if I don’t use the right products before I style. Lately I have been using Aveda’s Invati shampoo and conditioner to improve the condition of my hair, the shampoo is particularly good for exfoliating and energising the scalp for new growth and the conditioner reduces breakage and strengthens hair by improving the elasticity and while it’s a nourishing product it doesn’t weigh my strands down, which can often be the case with products that promise to nourish and hydrate. I also love the Invati Scalp Revitalizer, an invigorating blend of ayurvedic herbs that help energise and rehabilitate the scalp, creating the optimum environment for healthy hair. For that little bit of extra lift I also love the Thickening Tonic from Aveda, which gives a bit of oomph and texture.



Rachel Sharp, Sporteluxe Editor in Chief

LOVES: My Daily Greatness Yoga Journal – Limited “Bloom” Edition

“I’m a fan of apps and tech that makes life easier, but when it comes to motivating myself and keeping track of my health goals, I’m all about keeping it old school. I love my Daily Greatness Yoga Journal, which is a beautiful and simple place to jot down daily intentions, appointments and classes, how you’re feeling and to have your short and long term goals right there in front of you. It’s actually therapeutic just writing things down long hand – and great to read back to remind yourself of what you’ve achieved. I have the limited edition ‘Bloom’ edition, which looks gorgeous on my coffee table too!”

Daily Greatness has just launched in Australia www.dailygreatness.com.au and you can purchase the Daily Greatness Yoga Journal Bloom Edition here. 


Aveda Invati

Pip Edwards, Friend of Sporteluxe, Design Director for General Pants Co. and general fitness enthusiast 

LOVES: My Frends headphones

“I’m coveting my black enamel Frends headphones. I can only train with loud music to help keep my focus and rhythm. Plus they don’t compromise the sound quality for style and design, so they look and sound great with any workout outfit. I love wearing them for some “me” time.”



Mia Lake, Sporteluxe Contributor, Mia Lake Interiors

LOVES: My Turkish Copenhagen living room rug

“My holy grail has to be my Turkish Copenhagen living room rug. I have hardwood floors, so it’s lovely to rest your feet on something soft and warm, particularly when it’s chilly outside. It’s also a great spot for me to do my sit ups in the morning. Rugs define a space, they create an intimate, cosy feeling in my living room, as well as adding texture and pattern – so many reasons to love it!”


Aveda Invati, ascis

Melanie Davis, Sporteluxe graphic designer

LOVES: My Asics GEL-Kayano 22 shoes

“My Spring must-have is the new Asics Gel-Kayano 22 kicks. I have been training for last weekend’s Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Marathon for months now and these shoes have been my absolute saviour. Built for the serious runner, they have numerous protective qualities ideal for long distance running. Made with ASICS signature GEL cushioning, these trainers absorb shock as you’re pounding the pavement.  Plus this “Lite-Show” edition features high levels of reflectivity in bright, fun colours, perfect for Spring!” 

A dedicated story for Aveda

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Kate Herisson
The world of high fashion can sometimes take itself a little too seriously, so Kate combines her love of style, humour and the written word to take readers on a journey of sartorial satire to inject a little fun back into fashion and beauty. Her background in magazines has enabled her to cultivate relationships with some of the biggest beauty brands in the country, allowing her to expand her breadth of knowledge vastly, from lipstick to skin care innovation that she eagerly shares with her readers. When she’s not dipping her left shoulder at the end of an imaginary runway, she can be found doing yoga, running, dreaming of her next travel adventure or drinking tea.