We tried four different styles of yoga. Here’s what happened.

In case you missed out on our Don't Sweat It! Yoga Series in partnership with Rexona Clinical Protection, here’s the inside scoop on what we went through.

We’ve just completed our Don’t Sweat It! Yoga series in partnership with Rexona Clinical Protection and sadly all good things must come to an end. As you may have heard, 15 lucky yogis and their BFFs joined Team Sporteluxe for a weekly prescription of fun and fitness. Since we’re all about stretching, flowing and getting our endorphin rush before work, we truly enjoyed this unique way of getting together, making friends and learning about ourselves.

Curious to know what happened? Over the four weeks, we tried four different styles of yoga at Sydney’s premier boutique fitness boutique, Flow Athletic, to discover different ways of hitting the mat. So in case you missed out and can’t wait to try our next event (keep your eyes peeled for that one!), here’s the inside scoop on what we went through.

1Week 1: The Basics

“If you’re going to do it, do it right”

We kicked off with a basics class that was refreshing and revealing. Along with learning some helpful tips in alignement and breathing that can be applied to any type of class, we started of with a gentle yet strong practice, which you can read about here.

2Week 2: The Burn

“Never underestimate the power of going slow”

Granted, some of us may have underestimated feeling the burn after week 1, but we sure got our sweat on after that introduction! Week 2 amped up the intensity and while we (wishfully) expected the class to be as soothing as the previous week, our burning abs and booties got a serious wake up call as we pulsed our way through Barre class. Click here for the gruelling details.

3Week 3 : The Power

“Cue Will.i.am song and Warrior Goddess mode”

That #power, we found out, was also a state of mind and a seriously challenging style of yoga aptly named Warrior Yoga. An interesting combo of weights and traditional Vinyasa Flow… we were in beast mode in no time, and have to say the power was contagious (and seriously sweat enducing). Pulsing bicep curls in Goddess pose, who would have thought yoga was so empowering? Find out why here.

4Week 4 : The Mind

“We get it…Don’t sweat it!”

To close off our final class, Sporteluxe contributor and yoga expert Kate Kendall led a mindful and liberating class that stayed true to the traditional forms of yoga. Embracing the unique qualities in the art, and in ourselves, we focused on breath and adjusting to what we needed for our bodies. It was refreshing to find a workout that’s all about you, for you, and most importantly that we don’t need to sweat the small stuff. Find out what Team Sporteluxe had to say here.

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Andrea Kovszun
Andrea is a qualified yoga instructor and writer. With an international background, she grew up on a small island in the Caribbean and speaks both fluent French and English. She now enjoys an active life on the northern beaches of Sydney, as an avid enthusiast of all things surf, yoga, travel and photography. Writing is her favourite way to channel her positive energy and hopes to inspire people towards a healthy and fulfilled lifestyle. Andrea graduated from Paris Business School and Australian Catholic university with a Bachelor of Business, and is currently pursuing her post-grad in Journalism at UTS.