Welcome to our new website and meet Sarah, Sporteluxe’s new editorial director!

Welcome to the all-new Sporteluxe.com! If you’re a regular visitor you’ll notice that we’ve made some major changes!

When I started Sporteluxe, back in December 2012, I never thought a personal blog bringing together my love of fitness and fashion would take off the way that it has. It’s been really humbling and inspiring to know that, even in a small way, I’m helping people lead healthier lives.

However, my aspirations for Sporteluxe extended beyond it just being a blog. I wanted Sporteluxe.com to be an online destination that showcased healthy living in a stylish way. Which was why I approached my friend, Sarah Ranawake, to come on board as my business partner and the editorial director of Sporteluxe.

I knew Sarah would be such an asset to Sporteluxe. She’s had an amazing career in magazines, most recently as features director at CLEO, and is extremely passionate about health and wellbeing. She shares my love of yoga and is always bringing healthy treats like raw chocolate into the Sporteluxe office. Most importantly, Sarah shares my dream for Sporteluxe. We want to give Aussie women (and guys with our Sporteluxe Man category!) the information and inspiration they need to feel empowered and energised. To make healthy living stylish and cool.

Over the last few months, Sarah and I have been working together to bring this dream to life. We’re also very lucky to now have some of Australia’s leading health, fitness, fashion, lifestyle and beauty experts on the Sporteluxe team.

As well as overseeing Sporteluxe’s creative direction and content management, I’ll continue to blog about my favourite fitness and health finds and share my personal edits. Sarah has a new personal blog too, called Stylish Wellbeing. However, for the main part Sporteluxe.com is all about engaging articles and interactive content. I hope you all love the new website as much as I do!