Five ways to kick start your wellness

On 7 September in Sydney I’m hosting a one day class to help people kick start their own wellness transformation. The Mind-Body-Soul Immersion Class is about pressing STOP on your busy schedule and retreating for just one day. It’s about learning a beautiful set of powerful practices that you can carry with you, day after day.

Our lives are so full that sometimes the mere thought of setting about the wheels of motion to change and transform our lives simply feels exhausting, downright impossible and not worth it. However, devoting time to yourself and your wellness is always worthwhile.

Here are a few of my top-tips to help you kick-start your own transformation.

1)    Get yourself to yoga

A holistic experience for your mind, body and soul, nothing really jump-starts a true inner and out transformation like yoga.

2)    Seek out support

Get a coach. See your naturopath. Get some Reiki. You don’t have to go it alone. Get help when you need it.

3)    Connect with like-minded people

Spend time with those who understand you and the journey you are on. You’ll learn so much from each other and it’ll help you stay motivated.

4)    Take lots of time out

Rest. Restore. Rejuvenate. When we focus on creating change sometimes we forget that the quieter, softer, more reflective moments are just as transformative as when we are immersed in more action-based practices.

5)    Create your own personalised plan

Sit down and map out what wellness practices you want to do and when. Meditate in the morning? Put it in your schedule. Daily stretching, pencil it in! Some of us need a little structure to stay on track.

 For more information about Claire’s Mind-Body-Soul Immersion Class or to book your ticket click here