What guys really think during a men’s facial

Male facial, ultraceuticals

What does go through the mind of a man when getting facial? Well, when Ultraceuticals invited Sporteluxe to experience their new men’s skincare called Ultra Men’s Essential at the Face Of Man salon, we thought what a perfect opportunity to send our SporteluxeMan Instagram manager, who’d never had a facial before in his life.

So what went through the mind of our Sporteluxe Man Instagram editor during his inaugural facial experience? Read on…

What does goes through the mind of a male during a facial?

Is this the first facial you’ve had and why? 

Yes, I’d never really seen the point and thought it was a little too feminine!

Did anything freak you out?

Yes, I did wonder what those weird little finger socks the lady was wearing would be doing to me.

What was the weirdest moment?

Being offered a beer or scotch upon entry into the salon – and that face steaming thing.

What was going through your mind while you were lying there?

What my skin looked like to the lady through that massive magnifying glass.

Be honest – what was your favourite part?

Getting my face picked at.

And what about the beauty salon. How was that?

It was pretty cool. I felt like I was in a luxurious relaxed gentleman’s club.

By the way how did your skin feel afterwards? 

Pretty amazing, but slightly stinging. Who knew there was so much to caring for the skin?

What was your take on the Ultraceuticals facial?

It was a great experience as well as an eye opener for what my skin regime should be like.

Would you get another one?

Yes. Secretly… on the down low.

And lastly, what’s your favourite product from the Ultraceuticals Mens range?

The Matte moisturiser with SPF30+. I like how this one doesn’t feel oily or heavy on my face like all the others I’ve tried.